Woody Max Muck Boot – Thoroughly Tested

When it comes to hunting boots, you don’t want any low-quality footwear. Far too often, low-quality footwear will leave you wanting, or worse will leave you with blisters.

Boots need to be warm and waterproof but also breathable and comfortable. And they need to be durable.

The Original Muck Boot Company is a well-known American outdoor boot maker. They claim their boots will work hard in every job and face every condition no matter the weather or terrain. 

Well, we’ve put their Woody Max muck boot to the test to see if this is true.


Woody Max Muck Boots Review

The design of Woody Max boots is quite pleasing to the eye. It’s nothing like other bulky “wellies” you see out there. 

In fact, the half-rubber and half-neoprene boots look soft and unassuming. They are very lightweight, considering how tall they are and the thickness of the rubber sole—a pair of Woody Max weighs just around 4,5 lbs.

The tread on the rubber sole is perfect for all muddy, slippery, and wet surfaces. Although not as aggressive as Alphaburly Pro, it still offers an excellent grip, and the design keeps the mud and stones from sticking.

I very much like how snuggly the boot fits. As a person with a relatively narrow foot, I usually struggle to walk in rubber boots because most of them are too wide for me. That’s not the case with Woody Max. 

Also, the top of the boot is relatively narrow. The neoprene offers a slight stretch and can fit over lightweight pants as well as over thick hunting clothes. 

The snug fit of the Muck Boots Woody Max offers excellent insulation, keeping warmth in and cold out.

The only thing I didn’t like (and that could as well be my own fault) is that they run big, and I had to swap my first pair for a smaller size.


Woody Max Muck Boots Review

Like I said before, they look very unassuming but rest assured that those boots feel like they can withstand the thickest bush and hardest stones. 

I’ve been using them for a while now, and after many miles walked, there are scarcely any scratches on them.

Pairing the rubber lower with a neoprene upper was a perfect idea. The boots don’t strangle my movements, at the same time fitting snuggly around my legs.

They fit so well that even walking through bottomless and sticky mud wouldn’t pull my boots off.

The Woody Max boots are 100% waterproof but also very breathable, thanks to the CR Flex Foam. 

Thanks to the fleece lining, the temperature inside the boot stays ideal regardless of the weather. 

The sole has a built-in 2 mm thermal foam underlay for additional warmth and comfort. 

The sole is thick and impenetrable, making sharp rocks or other objects a none issue.


Woody Max Muck Boots Review

I must say I’m impressed by how comfortable these boots feel after a whole day of mixed terrain. 

Never once did I find I needed to break to rest my feet. In fact, I felt the boots supported me so much that I could push on further than I would with a pair of cheaper boots.

The Woody Max has an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) molded midsole with a contoured footbed that provides cushioned support, making them very comfortable for long hikes.

Considering they are tall boots, they performed excellently in the mountains, trying to get to remote places for fishing. 

Usually, I find that tall boots inhibit my movement on steep or challenging terrain, but that was not the case with the Woody Max. 

The neoprene was flexible enough to barely notice it was there, while the rubber offered all the support you would expect from a hiking boot. 

I also do a lot of bird hunting with my upland dog, and wearing Woody Max boots didn’t affect my stamina while walking through tall grass and semi-flooded fields due to their lightness and sturdiness.

I like how much support they provide when I walk through uneven forest ground or rocky riverbank. 

Like their performance in mountainous terrain, the boots held firm and were just rigid enough in the areas that needed support; the heel held the boot on while the ankle and sole were stiff enough to prevent any over-flexing.

The Muck Boot Woody Max Pros and Cons

Woody Max Muck Boots Review


  • Super light and comfortable for long hikes
  • 100% waterproof
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • They offer support while remaining quite flexible


  • They run big (I had to get one size smaller than I usually wear)
  • Don’t come in many color options


The Woody Max appealed to me from the outside, and many miles later, I appreciate them also from the inside.

They are very comfortable boots, made for traversing through mud, swamp, and slush with ease.

They provided me with the extra warmth I needed on cold days hunting while keeping my feet from sweating too much.

While other brands have excellent boots, like LaCrosse and their Alphaburly Pro, the Muck Boot Woody Max is not to be dismissed and is a direct challenger to other top brands.

The Woody Max may be the perfect boot for a person looking for a tough, comfortable all-around boot.

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