What Time Do Deer Come out in the Morning?

A deer’s activities vary greatly by season. So while their morning activity may see them coming out at 4 am during spring, it will most likely be different during winter.

With this being said, deer usually come out an hour before sunrise.

Deer Morning Activities

Deer are crepuscular animals. This means that they are most active just before the twilight.

However, other factors influence a deer’s morning activity. And perhaps the most significant influence of all is the time of year.


What Time Do Deer Come out in the Morning?

Spring is a critical time for deer. Does are getting ready to birth, and bucks are growing new antlers.

These activities, accompanied by an overwhelming urge for nutrition and an abundance of new food sources, mean deer are highly active this time of year.

Typically with the abundance of food sources this time of year and the energy requirements, deer aren’t moving about much. 

They are active but don’t need to travel far to find nutrition.

With the huge demand for nutrition, mornings getting longer, and the emergence of new food sources, deer start coming out early.

Depending on where you are, this could be from 3 am to 7 am.

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What Time Do Deer Come out in the Morning?

Summer for deer is as equally important as spring. Does are nursing fawns by this time, and bucks are well into growing antlers.

Again, these demands mean that deer need to be out and to eat.

The days are also a little longer, and the weather is a little better. This means that deer are out earlier.

Like most animals, deer don’t like to move around too much during the heat of the summer sun and typically bed down during the day.

With the sun rising a little earlier, the deer need to come out earlier to avoid the sun.

Generally, during summer, deer come out around 3 am. They usually are heading back to their bedding areas by 7 am, but I have seen them as late as 9 am.

Usually, if they have plenty of cover and are in a good feeding area, they stay out a little longer, but that’s the exception, not the rule.


What Time Do Deer Come out in the Morning?

Fall is one of the most demanding times for deer. This time of year, there are not as many nutrient requirements, but a huge amount of energy is spent during the rut.

Timings for deer are unpredictable during this time of year, and it tends to differ between bucks and does.

Bucks can be out and moving earlier than does, and plenty are caught on trail cameras during the wee hours of the night; this is where the term “nocturnal buck” comes from.

Putting these myths aside, bucks generally come out around 4 am in the fall.

There is a huge amount of increased pressure on deer during this time of year because of both hunting pressure and breeding pressure.

This means that while bucks are still active, they are usually trying to stay in cover.

They generally stay out a little later during this time of the year, giving them a longer morning activity.

We usually see deer up until 10 am during fall. This gives them probably the longest range of the year.

Coming out at 4 am all the way up to 10 am.


What Time Do Deer Come out in the Morning?

While fall is the most active season for deer, winter brings about the quietest season for deer.

They are working off limited energy supplies with few opportunities to replenish them.

Winter sends deer into a lull period of low activity. Sunrise is also later; all of this means the deer come out later in the morning.

During winter, deer typically come out around 6 am on average.

Final Thoughts

A deer’s morning activity varies greatly according to the season. However, being crepuscular means that they almost always come out a couple of hours before sunrise.

During the rut, deer come out a little earlier than normal. The times will vary according to where you live, but generally, it will always be a few hours before sunlight.

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