VPA Broadhead Review (Tried and Tested)

For this review, we tested the VPA Double Bevel broadhead.

We got it in Carbon tool steel, 100 grain non-vented with a cutting diameter of 1 1/8″.

First Impressions

VPA Broadhead Review (Tried and Tested)

I’ve never tried any of VPA products before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this non-vented three blade broadhead.

The broadheads arrived nicely packed and felt like good quality out of the pack.


VPA has many different broadheads available with many different designs.

However, unlike other brands, they don’t name their broadheads. 

For this test, we had a three-blade non-vented carbon tool steel double bevel.

Build Quality

VPA Broadhead Review (Tried and Tested)

I was really impressed with the build quality of the VPA broadheads. In the hand, they feel well balanced and of good quality.

On the scales, they all weighed in the exact same at 101 grains, the only other head we tested that was so accurate was the Annihilator broadhead.

After shooting a good few times, there was minimal damage to the blades, The Carbon steel they are made from is hardened to 50 Rockwell.

I was expecting some signs of rust a few days after use, given that they are Carbon, but I was pleasantly surprised to see no rust.


Out of the packet, the VPA broadheads were relatively sharp but not the sharpest they could be.

They managed to snap the band with one pass, and no sawing was required. In fact, it only took the idea of forward motion to snap the band.

However, I knew they had more to offer. They were marginally harder to sharpen than the Annihilator broadheads, but they sharpened up real good that you could shave with them.

They also held their sharpness quite well. If you had no nicks in them after shooting, they would sharpen up with nothing more than a ceramic steel.

If you did pick up a few nicks, passing a file over them a handful of times and then a ceramic steel would bring them back to razer sharp.


VPA Broadhead Review (Tried and Tested)

The VPA 3 blade was extremely accurate at 20 and 30 yards. At 40+ yards, I started to notice a little bit of planning in the broadhead.

It still flew straight at 40 yards but always landed above the field point. 

I reckon with a little tuning, the VPA broadhead would be very accurate, but the Annihilator broadhead was much more accurate out of the box.

Meat Damage

VPA Broadhead Review (Tried and Tested)


I really liked the penetration of the VPA 3 blade. At 20 yards, I almost got a pass-through on the side face of the target.

At 30 yards, there was still great penetration, and it managed to sink almost 18 inches into the target.

It had no issues penetrating meat or bone.


The VPA 3 blade is in the higher price range for fixed blade broadheads. However, there is virtually no difference in price between the VPA 3 blade and the Annihilator broadhead.

Given the sharpness, excellent build quality, and durability, it’s fair to say that it is a fair price.

I think the ease of resharpening and the durability really add the most value to this broadhead. 

There are 3 in a pack which is industry standard, but I could see these broadheads lasting a very long time with minimal maintenance.

Final Thoughts

I really liked the VPA 3 blade broadhead overall. It wouldn’t be my favorite, but it has a superb build quality and great durability.

The accuracy maybe could be a little better, but a little tuning would fix most issues here.

It would be difficult to choose between the VPA and the Annihilator broadhead. 

Both work in different ways, so it would come down to do you want a cutting broadhead or a scoop Brodhead that causes tissue displacement.

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