QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

The QAD Exodus has gained a bit of recognition in the hunting world lately.

However, some people hate it, while others will use nothing else. We wanted to find out just how good it is, so we put it to the test to settle this once and for all.

First Impressions

QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

After all the hype I’ve read about the QAD Exodus, I was excited to try them. The broadheads arrived in a nice package and were ready to go straight away.

Out of the package, the Exodus broadheads looked deadly and maybe a little flimsy.


The Exodus broadheads have a unique design. The broadhead consists of a sharp, hardened steel tip and 3 blades that slide inside a shaft which are then held in place by a collar and an o-ring.

The unique thing about this is that the blades will come back over the tip of the arrow when screwed in.

If you shoot a short arrow, keep an eye out for this, or you may find that the broadhead hits the riser when you drawback.

The Exodus heads come prebuilt, but the blades can be resharpened if they are not too damaged. Also, the blades can be replaced.

Build Quality

QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

I was dubious about the build quality at first sight. The head looked a little flimsy and like someone cut them by hand.

However, after playing around with them for a little while, I have come to see that they are all cut the exact same, even if they look odd.

On the scales, there was more variation than I would have liked to see.

After use, there was some damage to the blades and a small bit of surface rust on the tip and shaft.

However, the rust on the tip and shaft could easily be wiped away, and the blades had no rust whatsoever.


The sharpness test was an interesting one. Some blades were quite sharp, while others were not as sharp.

Looking at the blades, they appear quite sharp, and some were, but I would have liked to see more consistency.

The blades do get dull quickly and would need resharpening after limited use.

I would also recommend giving them a quick sharpening out of the box; you will have a much sharper blade.


QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

The accuracy was more than acceptable. The Exodus was not the most accurate fixed blade broadhead we have ever tested, but it was pretty close.

It was pretty easy to land the broadhead within an inch of the field point at 30 yards.

At 40 yards it was still pretty accurate landing within an inch of the field point but at 50 yards it started plaining just ever so slightly.

Meat Damage

QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

The QAD Exodus seems like a pretty average broadhead up until this point.

But this is where everything changes. The damage that the QAD Exodus inflicts is extreme.

The meat damage from the Exodus is on par with a mechanical broadhead. It left a huge hole in the meat with some huge slices alongside it.

Quite frankly, I could overlook all the other issues just for the damage alone.


QAD Exodus Review (Tried and Tested)

For the penetration, the Exodus was back to being mid-range again. On the side face of the block, it penetrated down to the vanes of a 31-inch shaft at 20 yards.

However, at 30 yards, it left 8 inches sticking out, meaning 23 inches of penetration.

At 40 yards, there was nearly 10 inches of arrow left.

I should mention that this is just penetration on a target block, and I have no doubt that there would be excellent penetration on an animal after seeing the damage the Exodus can do.


At first, I was unsure about the value of the QAD Exodus. They are priced in the mid to higher range of the fixed blade broadheads.

Given all the mediocre quality, I wondered if they were worth it. 

But after seeing the meat damage, I do not doubt that they are good value.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an accurate, sharp, pretty broadhead, this may not be the one for you.

However, if you’re looking for a broadhead that doesn’t need to leave a blood trail because it will drop anything it hits, then get the QAD Exodus.

I know I’ve been harsh in this review of the QAD Exodus, but when all is said and done, I will use them on my next elk hunt.

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