10 Great Pheasant Hunting Dog Names

There are a wide variety of names you can go with when selecting a name for your canine companion. However, there are specific names that can reflect your pheasant hunting dog’s tenacity, fierceness, and overall prowess as a hunting dog.

If you haven’t settled on a name yet, check out this list of terrific pheasant hunting dog names.

What are The Best Pheasant Hunting Dog Names?

There are several terrific hunting dog names, but only a few can truly reflect the unique characteristics that a dog that hunts pheasants would have.

To help you out, here are some of the best names for your pheasant hunting dog.

For Males:

1.       Fydrich

Fydrich is a unique name with unknown origins, giving it a sense of mystery. This name means powerful, capable, and perfectionist – all desirable traits expected from a pheasant hunting dog.

Fydrich may be an odd choice, but not for baseball fans who know of Mark “The Bird” Fydrich. Its association with “The Bird” only adds to how ironically fit it is for a pheasant hunting dog.

It also helps that “The Bird” was also known as an ace on the field. 

2.       Iago

The next suggestion on our list is a popular name from one of Shakespeare’s writings. Iago is the name of a primary antagonist from the play Othello and means supplanter or someone who takes things by force, wits, or schemes.

Sticking with the bird theme, Iago is also the name of the parrot from Aladdin, who served as a loyal companion and executor of plans for the movie’s antagonist before eventually doing the same for the good side.

Given all those references, the name seems to fit a hunting companion of great wit and loyalty.

3.       Orion

With Greek origins, the name Orion means “dawning” or “rising in the sky.” Ironically, the best time to hunt pheasants is early in the morning, just as the sun rises.

To add to the appropriateness of the name, Orion is a mighty hunter and the son of Poseidon in Greek Mythology. So, if you want a name that emphasizes your dog’s might as a hunter or fancy yourself as a Greek god, this name would be a most excellent choice.

4.       Uno

Uno is a name with various origins. In Latin, it is known as the number one or symbolic of being first, which can be an excellent name for a first dog or a dog who always seems to come out on top and rank first.

In Japanese, this refers to the heavenly roof or a field. Given that, this name can be symbolic of either the great heights your dog will reach while hunting with you or the field on which you both spend time hunting pheasants.

5.       Hunter

Not a fan of big complicated names? There is always the spot-on goodie that is the name “Hunter.”

Quite obviously, the name Hunter refers to someone who hunts or captures animals for various purposes. It evolved from being the surname of a family who hunted animals as an occupation to a general term for anyone who hunts.

Given that, a great hunting dog can never go wrong with the name Hunter.

For Girls

1.       Moxie

Moxie refers to determination or nerve, a remarkable trait exhibited by several hunting dogs in their pursuit of prey. It is also a great force of character that can symbolize your dog’s unwavering resolve to fetch you the best pheasants.

Moxie is typically used for females and has English origins that refer to females with aggressive energy and know-how. This makes it great for those feisty little hunting companions.

2.       Arya

The name Arya has several origins. In Persia, this name refers to a “faithful friend,” which is always a great benefit of having a pheasant hunting dog as a hunting partner.

In Sanskrit, Arya means “honorable,” which is an excellent characteristic of all hunting dogs.

In pop culture, Arya is also gaining traction due to the character in Game of Thrones. Arya is strong, feisty, fiercely independent, and arguably the strongest warrior in the series who was able to take down several strong adversaries.

3.       Nala

Nala is a name with Swahili origins. It means “queen” or “successful woman,” and success is certainly something that you want from your pheasant hunting dog.

To add to its appeal, Nala is also the name of a female lion in the famous Lion King movies, and female lions are known for their great hunting prowess. This would make a terrific name for a female hunting companion.

4.       Montana

This is undoubtedly a popular name choice for a hunting dog name. Montana is a name that comes from the Spanish word montaña, which means mountains or mountainous country, making it a fantastic choice for hunting dogs that have a knack for climbing.

Montana is also referred to as one of the top states for bird hunting, thus making it an even better name for a top-rate bird hunting dog.

5.       Dakota

To cap it all off for the girls, we have Dakota, which means “friend” or “ally.” This name is derived from the Native American Dakota tribe, the Sioux tribe, known for their hunting and warrior culture.

This name can symbolize the hunting warrior spirit of your pheasant hunting dog and its status as a friend or close ally while hunting.


A dog’s name can be a great indicator of its personality and stature. Thus, a pheasant hunting dog name should reflect its prowess, spirit, and overall tenacity.

These are just some examples of excellent hunting dog names. Even if you don’t like the choices above, there are still a lot of other terrific names that your pheasant hunting dog will surely love.

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