What do Carp eat? A Complete Guide to Carp Feeding Habits

What do Carp eat

Maybe you’re just curious by nature, or maybe you’re interested in fishing for carp and want to find out what carp eat. Whatever brought you here, we’re going to go into great detail on what carp eat and their feeding habits. Carp eat a range of foods, for the bulk of their diet they mostly … Read more

Why is Deer Meat Called Venison?

Why is Deer Meat Called Venison?

Have you ever wondered why some animals have one name when they are still alive and why we call them something else when they are ready to be eaten? That is the case with deer and its meat – venison. Why is Deer Meat Called Venison? Deer meat is called “venison” because French Normans used … Read more

Are Labradoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

Are Labradoodles Good Hunting Dogs?

It was super exciting to bring home a gorgeous labradoodle puppy a few months ago. Yes, I wanted a family dog but also needed a canine companion who could be a great hunting buddy. After growing up with labrador retrievers, it was time to try something new and I somehow ended up with a labradoodle. … Read more

Maine Hunting Shoe vs Bean Boot

Maine Hunting Shoe vs Bean Boot

We couldn’t go on our hunting adventures without a good pair of boots. If you’ve ever been out in the woods unprepared with shoes that aren’t warm and supportive enough, then you know that same feeling. Out of all the hunting boots you can buy, the best is usually a toss-up of the Maine hunting … Read more

Why Do Carp Jump out of the Water?

Why do carp jump

You might have been spending hours by the lake or on the river banks, or you’ve heard about it from someone, and you wonder, why fish jump out of the water? Many species jump for many reasons. Amongst those “jumpers” are carp. You can often see the seemingly fat and sluggish fish performing jumps above … Read more

How to clean a deer skull found in the woods

How to clean a deer skull found in the woods

What is the first thought that comes to mind when finding a deer skull in the woods? Usually, most hunters or outdoor people want to see it hanging in a barn, camp, or in their homes. There is a slight problem with this. There are tons of bacteria on the skull that requires the skull … Read more

Mountain Lion Hunting With Dogs

Mountain Lion Hunting

We recently went on a big hunting adventure in the remote wilderness of Montana. It was incredible, especially because we were hunting for something not everyone gets the chance to see in their lifetime: mountain lions, or cougars as they are also called. These huge felines are a sight to behold, and a formidable foe … Read more

The 5 Best Hunting Rifles for Beginners

The Best Hunting Rifles for Beginners

When considering getting into the sport of hunting, you might be faced with an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to your weapon of choice.  There are countless manufacturers, calibers, and actions of rifles at every new hunter’s disposal. So how do you choose one?  Here we will look at a few of the … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide on What to Wear Hunting

What To Wear Hunting

Your hunting clothes should consist of a base layer, a mid-layer, a jacket, and hunting pants. Sometimes people will layer hunting pants, but this isn’t typical. This type of system will allow you to remove and add clothing depending on the temperature and the amount of activity. A good pair of hunting boots and a … Read more

Trout Fishing With Corn

Trout Fishing with Corn

Have you ever heard of trout fishing with corn? We recently gave it a shot and found that corn can work for trout fishing, but like anything, it depends on the conditions and whether the fish are biting that day. Some anglers swear by corn trout fishing, as it’s a convenient and cost-effective way to … Read more