Muck Boot vs LaCrosse – Which is Better?

Let’s face it; if you’re a hunter, it’s likely your going to end up with one of these brands. Heck, I’m a hunter, and I have both brands.

Which boot you should get depends on what you primarily intend on doing. As you will see in this article, each lends itself more to specific tasks.

Muck Boot vs LaCrosse is a battle that has been roaring for ages, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.


Because there is no one overall better boot, but there may be a better for you boot.


Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

LaCrosse comes across as the more sporty brand of the two. Their boots are more athletic in style and aimed at people who like to put in miles.

I certainly found this to be true when comparing the Alphaburly Pro to the Woody Max.

The traction on the Alphaburly Pro is next to none and is superior to that of the Muck Boot Woody Max. The Alphaburly Pro is more aggressive while also better at self-cleaning.

Now depending on your taste, you may like or dislike the gusset strap on the LaCrosse boots. I fall into the latter group and do prefer the stretch top on the Muck Boot, with one caveat. 

The gusset, as annoying as it may be, allows for a better fitting boot overall. The stretch top on the Muck Boot fits nicely at the top, but the rest of the boot doesn’t fit so well around my lower leg.


Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

Muck Boot comes across as the sturdier brand. It’s the kind of boot you want when you’re going into sloppy or cold conditions.

Muck Boot is certainly a clunkier boot than the Alphaburly. However, that comes with some benefits, like ice fishing, where Muck is definitely the favored boot.

The wider the boot while ice fishing, the thicker the socks you can get on.

Now that’s not to say you can’t beat path in Muck Boots; you most certainly can. I’ve put many miles on my Mucks, up and down river banks and through forests.

I just prefer my LaCrosse boots for hiking as they feel more fitted and have a better thread.


Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

It’s hard to pick a winner for fit. I like the stretch top of the Muck Boot, while I’m not so fond of the gusset strap on the LaCrosse boots.

However, I feel that LaCrosse has a much better fit overall and especially in the foot where the Muck Boot feels a bit big and clunky in this area.


As far as breathability goes, I think it’s fair to call it a tie. Both boots do exceptionally well in that department.

I have used both boots in fairly warm weather with merino wool socks, and I had no issue with sweating with either boot.


Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

The grip is another area that is tricky to pick a winner. Muck Boot is known for good traction while ice fishing, but I feel that LaCrosse does better in just about every other type of terrain.

The Alphaburly tread is a lot more aggressive than that of the Woody Max. It is also a lot better at self-cleaning, and this is pretty important if you want to stay upright in mud.


I’m going to go ahead and call LaCrosse the winner here again. Not that Muck Boots are not durable, they most certainly are, but just not as durable as LaCrosse.

The fact that the majority of the Muck Boot is made with neoprene raises some concerns. If I’m beating brush upland hunting or in thick cover mule deer hunting, I would feel better with the LaCrosse boots on my feet.

Is Muck Boot worth the money

Averaging around $200 a pair, it may seem that Muck Boots are expensive. But let’s get this over with right now; Muck Boots are absolutely worth the money.

When you think of the quality you are getting, the research and technology that went into making that boot, it’s really a no-brainer.

You can try the cheaper boot method, but I tried that years ago, and now I only put high-quality boots on my feet. It’s not worth the blisters, sweating, and agony to go cheaper.

Is LaCrosse worth the money?

Would it surprise you if we said yes? You obviously know this is what we’re going to say.

I love LaCrosse boots. To me, LaCrosse boots are worth the money because they allow me to do more.

Outside of a hiking boot, I can go further in a LaCrosse boot than any other boot.

Should you get LaCrosse or Muck Boot?

Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

This is the big question and I’m going to try my best to give you the most suitable answer.

If you hike to your hunting spots or do a lot of spot and stalk hunting then get LaCrosse Alphaburly Pros. They are better fitted, have a better tread pattern for hiking rough terrain and are more durable.

If you spend more time staying still, let’s say in a tree stand, ice fishing, duck hunting, then go with the Muck Boots. They are bigger for fitting thicker socks, have a comfortable neoprene upper, and have a better tread for ice and snow.

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