120 Unique Hunting Dog Names

You finally decided to bring home a new hunting family member. It has four legs, a wagging tail, and a cute little nose. Now it also needs a fitting name. 

Finding a name for a new puppy for some people is almost like naming their child, mostly overwhelming. It needs to fit the dog, can’t be too difficult to pronounce, and most importantly, your family needs to like it as well!

Much like human names, dog names go through phases. What has been popular ten years ago won’t necessarily be a hit today.

Some people name their hunting dogs after famous people, characters from movies or books, or even mythical beings. They base it on the dog’s temperament, the origin of their breed, or their heritage. 

For our four-legged hunters, we decided to go with Nordic mythology and their nature.

There are unlimited options to choose from, though. How would you ever decide on one?

We can start with a little advice on what to consider while picking your hunting dog’s name:

  • you can watch your new puppy for a few days to see if its behavior and personality suggests its name
  • make sure the name you pick doesn’t sound like any of the commands you will teach your pup or other family members names; you don’t want to make your dog confused
  • try and keep it short, one or two syllables; a more concise name is more comfortable to pronounce and will bring your dog’s attention while out hunting
  • if you can’t decide on one name from the start, pick a few and use one for a couple of days to see which suits best; it’s ok to change it at the beginning if it doesn’t fit your dog.

Remember that the name you pick for your new puppy needs to stay with it for its whole life, just like our names remain with us.

Unique Female Hunting Dog Names

  1. Freya – after Nordic goddess of love, fits lovable puppies that get attached;
  2. Coral – tough on the outside with soft inside;
  3. Idun – after Nordic goddess of spring and eternal youth for a forever young doggie;
  4. Hera – Greek queen of gods, fits a bossy and confident puppy;
  5. Eris – after Greek deity of discord, for a dog that likes to pick up mock-fights;
  6. Hebe – one that brings youth and joy to others;
  7. Juno – a Roman version of Hera, the boss dog;
  8. Ceres – after Roman goddess of earth, for a puppy that enjoys spending time outside;
  9. Vesta – for a dog that prefers to stay at home, after goddess of hearth;
  10. Luna – the Moon goddess, fits puppy that is most active at night;
  11. Aura – literally means “breeze” in Greek, fits a dog that is fast as a wind;
  12. Vixen – is it a fox or a dog that you have?
  13. Xena – warrior princess;
  14. Dixie – like Southern states nickname;
  15. Arya – the name means ”friendly” or ”faithful” and comes from Persia (not from GoT);
  16. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom, for a smart doggy;
  17. Aspen – nature inspired simple name for a girl puppy;
  18. Ivy – another nature-based name for a clingy and loyal dog;
  19. Maggie – short and sweet name for sometimes serious pup;
  20. Moxy – for a daring and brave dog that always goes first;
  21. Nala – coming from Africa means ”successful” and it’s the perfect lion princess!;
  22. Rainy – a simple American and Canadian name;
  23. Sage – name for a wise puppy;
  24. Kimber – short for Kimberly, but also name of rifle manufacturer;
  25. Sadie – with Hebrew origin, fits sweet and fun puppy;
  26. Shiloh – straight form the Bible, meaning Heavenly Peace;
  27. Sunny – bright and always happy puppy name;
  28. Willow – fits a little bit eclectic and very supple doggy always taking its own path;
  29. Sky – name for a very open and happy dog;
  30. Nyx – after Greek goddess of night, it would fit a shy doggy;
  31. Annie – from more serious Anne, this name would fit an optimistic little pup;
  32. Brook – after a flowing body of water;
  33. Kota – a diminutive of a very popular Dakota, but with more original sound;
  34. Sandy – soft-sounding name fits a soft and fluffy pup;
  35. Alaska – largest US state, originally from Russian, meaning “the mainland”;
  36. Akita – it’s also a name of the breed, but it has a nice ring to it;
  37. Mercy – a Puritan name meaning “compassion”, fits puppy with soft character;
  38. Avril – from a French variant of April;
  39. Diva – self-explanatory name for a temperamental and demanding pup;
  40. Kaia – female form of name Kai, from Hawaiian meaning “sea”;
  41. Pyro – a little bit fiery sounding Greek name for a puppy with a lot of character;
  42. Leia – form of a biblical name Leah, suitable for Star Wars fans;
  43. Eve – after the first woman on Earth, short and very feminine name;
  44. Sallie – a sweet sounding version of Hebrew name Sarah;
  45. Grace – another self-explanatory, virtue name, fits a very graceful dog;
  46. Mavis – old-fashioned name from French word for thrush, the singing bird;
  47. Ellie – meaning “bright shining one”, fits a dog with very cheerful personality;
  48. Emma – from Germanic, meaning ”whole”, fits a soft but mature puppy;
  49. Becks – diminutive from Hebrew name Rebecca, but more fun;
  50. Piper – from Romanian flute player, fits musical puppy;
  51. Zippy – a short and cheerful name, diminutive from a biblical Zipporah;
  52. Teegan – from Gaelic, meaning ”little poet”, fits a confident little pup;
  53. Echo – after one of the Greek nymphs, fits puppy with nice voice;
  54. Dallas – simple name after city in Texas;
  55. Rocket – fits the fastest doggy in the litter;
  56. Sable – after a marten-like little animal, fits small and sneaky pup;
  57. Harley – after the famous motorcycle manufacturer, a big name for a big girl;
  58. Bailey – derived from Old English ”bailiff”, fits pup that likes to collect what’s hers;
  59. Marvel – with origin in French, for a marvelous pup!
  60. Sansa – an Old Indian name meaning ”charm”.

Unique Male Hunting Dog Names

  1. Odin – after Nordic god of gods, fits a big dog with big personality;
  2. Thor – after Nordic god of thunder, fits a very self-assured pup;
  3. Loki – after Nordic god of mischief;
  4. Heimdall – after Nordic guardian deity; fits a doggy with protective streak;
  5. Vidar – after mute Nordic god of immense strength, fits a coyote hunting dog;
  6. Zeus – after Greek god of gods, fits a bossy and protective puppy;
  7. Hades – after Greek god of underground, fits a mischievous doggy;
  8. Ares – after Greek god of war, fits a boisterous and courageous dog;
  9. Hermes – after Greek god messenger, fits a very talkative pup;
  10. Eros – after Greek god of passion, fits a pup that puts 110% into everything;
  11. Neptune – after Roman god of water, fits a dog that takes to water like a duck;
  12. Chase – with French origin, meaning ”to hunt”;
  13. Gunner – from Scandinavian, meaning ”bold warrior”;
  14. Bolt – fits the fastest puppy in the house;
  15. Bear – for big, fluffy, and brave pups;
  16. Duke – royal name for a distinguish pup;
  17. Troy – inspired by a great city of Troy;
  18. Barry – name of Irish origin, meaning ”fair-haired”;
  19. Brutus – a good name for a big and strong dog, from Latin, meaning ”heavy”;
  20. Ceasar – royal name for a boss dog;
  21. Davy – from Hebrew, meaning “beloved”;
  22. Ace – fits the dog that’s always first and the best;
  23. Atlas – after Greek Titan-god bearing the whole world on his shoulders;
  24. Cedar – fits a big and strong doggy with reddish fur;
  25. Buck – fits a jumpy pup with long legs, after antlered deer of course;
  26. Drake – meaning “dragon” or “snake”, will fit a pup with individualistic character;
  27. Dutch – it sounds sharp and it will fit a no-nonsense pup;
  28. Finn – Old Norse name with a soft sound, fits an adventurous dog;
  29. Jett – for fans of aviation, for a fast-paced doggy;
  30. Orion – after a famous hunter from Greek mythology;
  31. Rain – it’s a popular Estonian name, for a dog that likes to show-off;
  32. Ranger – fits pup that likes to explore a lot;
  33. Rocky – for a dog that never gives up, after the famous fictional boxer!
  34. Ruger – simple name for a smart doggy, after rifle manufacturer;
  35. Scout – for a dog that’s first put the door with a can do attitude;
  36. Spike – name fits a shaggy puppy with prickly character;
  37. Teddy – a little softer than Bear, can also fit a big fluffy dog but with less courage;
  38. Walker – from Middle Ages, occupational name for ”cloth washer”, fits a clean dog;
  39. Yukon – after the wild river and Canadian territory;
  40. Ziggy – with German origin, fits puppy that likes to run around a lot;
  41. Rambo – for a tough dog;
  42. Rogue – for a dog that likes to do his own thing;
  43. Ryder – with origin in Great Britain, meaning ”cavalryman”, fits chivalrous dog;
  44. Sarge – fits a dog with military character;
  45. Robin – an old diminutive of the name Robert, fits puppy more than the human;
  46. Wesson – after rifle manufacturer, fits a sophisticated puppy with fussy eating habits;
  47. Cam – it’s short, it’s simple, and it will fit any puppy;
  48. Link – short from Lincoln, less serious, fits a velcro dog;
  49. Colt – another one after rifle manufacturer;
  50. River – after flowing body of water;
  51. Aldo – with Italian origin, meaning ”old and wise”;
  52. Boone – Daniel Boone says it all;
  53. Crockett – after Davy Crockett;
  54. Cody – from Gaelic, description of a helpful person;
  55. Pike – for people who like fishing, fits toothy pup that likes to bite everything;
  56. Rip – of Dutch origin, meaning ”strength”;
  57. Gill – from Hebrew, meaning ”joy”, fits a puppy that really makes you happy;
  58. Rigger – after an army parachute packer;
  59. Homer – fits a doggy that likes to tell you stories;
  60. Skip – fits a dog that wants to be the boss.

Final THoughts

Picking name for your new hunting dog is as important as picking a name for your child. The dog will learn the name and to react to it, and therefore it will be difficult to change it later.

It means you and the dog need to like it from the start, before the pup gets used to it. The list of the names is long, but you can also try making a few variations of any name that may come close to what you like. 

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