How Much do Compound Bows Cost?

When it comes to compound bows, it can be a case of you get what you pay for. Now that does not mean paying more for a bow will make you a better shooter, it simply means bows with a higher price tag will have a little more invested into them such as technological advancements or innovative designs.

But how do compound bows compare across the board at different levels, from the latest flagship models down to the entry-level bows?

What to Consider When Pricing Compound Bows

Unfortunately, there is no single compound bow out there that has all the qualities and features we as hunters desire from a bow. Sacrifices and compromises must be made. 

For example, bows that are known for generating high arrow speeds will in most cases have a heavier draw weight to them and will be less forgiving to the shooter.

While bows that are low on recoil will be heavier in weight and a lightweight bow will make slightly more noise when releasing the arrow.

Therefore, before looking at the prices write down a few specific requirements of the bow that are a priority of yours.

Is speed your number choice? Are you happy to carry around a heavier bow to reduce the noise of the string? Spend the time focusing on the attributes of specific bows and then determine whether if falls within your budget.

Let us not forget the addons that come with purchasing a new bow. Sights, stabilizers, quivers, silencers, arrows, broadheads, releases, and strings, yes, they may not be involved in the direct price of the bow, but they do still contribute to the bigger cost of a complete setup.

With draw weights and lengths being crucial components in getting the correct fit between archer and bow, some bows may be restricted in their specifications, or a taller axel to accommodate a longer draw length may increase the price slightly.

It is more than just the price tag of the bow that should be looked at.

Prices of Compound Bows

Flagship Bows – Range $1,299.00 – $1,899.00

How Much Are Compound Bows?

When looking at a flagship bow from any manufacturer, you need to understand that you are viewing the latest and finest quality bow available from that brand of bow builder, which means prices will be high.

Some may argue you are paying a higher price simply because it is new but for the most part and this is a credit to the bow industry, you really are paying for the latest in compound bow technology.

Below is a list of the 2022 flagship bows from some of the well-known bow manufacturers and their associated prices.

  • Mathews V3X 33” Axel-to-axel: MSRP $1,299.00
  • Bowtech SR350: MSRP $1,299.00
  • Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-7 Ultra: MSRP $1,899.00
  • Prime Inline 5: MSRP $1,249.00
  • Bear Archery Refine EKO: MSRP $999.99

Experienced Hunter Bows – Range $519.99 – $999.00

The nicest thing about flagship bows is that they only maintain that prestigious title until the manufacturers release a newer model or a more advanced bow.

Inevitably they come down in price while still holding all the bells and whistles that made them a flagship bow in the first place.

Those archers that are looking for a quality compound bow that will give them the desired results out in the field, will in most cases pick up a bow that was newly-released 2 to 3 years prior. 

Again, it is important to note that each of the previous flagship bows may have been designed with unique features in mind, such as a faster arrow speed, lighter frame and design, unique features such as interchangeable cams, a combination of build materials and so on.

It, therefore, remains important to purchase a bow within the experienced hunter level that has the features and specs the archer is needing.

Not all bows released are considered flagship and respected manufacturers such as Mathews, Hoyt, and Bowtech have a range of quality bows that are ideal for all types of bow hunters.

  • Bear Archery Resurgence RTH: MSRP $629.99
  • Bear Archery Legit RTH Extra: MSRP $519.99
  • Bowtech Diamond Deploy SB R.A.K: $799.99 (Price according to
  • PSE Archery Brute ATK RTS: $699.99 (Price according to
  • Mathews Prima Hunting Bow 2021: $999.00 (Price according to
  • Hoyt Torrex XT Compound 2020: $799.00 (Price according to
  • Prime Logic CT5 Compound 2019: $600.00 (Price according to

Entry-Level Bows – Range $289.99 – $599.00

How Much Are Compound Bows?

An entry-level bow is exactly that, they are created purely for the purpose of easing archers into compound bow hunting. They may lack the latest innovations and streamlined designs of the flagship bows, but the concept remains the same. 

Entry-level bows are great because they allow the archer the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of bow hunting without them having to break the bank.

In some cases, entry-level bows offered by manufacturers will come as a complete package, meaning it will have a sight, arrow rest, stabilizer and quiver already attached.

With a complete bow package, it does mean the bow is ready to take hunting, but one should always be realistic of what the bow is capable of before tackling big game.

A big draw card to entry level bows is that they come in a variety of draw weights and axel lengths. This is especially helpful as most consumers entering the compound bow market may not know how to correctly customize a bow to their specific dimensions.

Having that wide range of options means the bow shop can easily assist in getting a new archer setup and allow them to grow into a new bow later on.

A selection of good entry-level bows is recommended below.

  • Bear Cruzer G2: $399.99 – $419.99 (Price according to
  • Bowtech Amplify: $599.00 (Price according to
  • Mission Switch: $549.99 (Price according to
  • Diamond Infinite Edge Pro: $469.99 (Price according to
  • SAS Feud: $289.99 (Price according to

Youth Bows – Range $59.99 – $229.99

Getting the youth involved in the sport at an early age is always a positive move but it is not as simple as heading out and purchasing just any bow for them. The very nature of a compound bow and the requirement of the archer to pull against heavy resistance makes it difficult for children to shoot correctly.

The youth age group is generally considered between the ages of 7 to 14-years of age, with a maximum draw weight of 20lbs. and a draw length up to 25”.

One of the surprising things about youth bows today, is just how far they have come in terms of development and accuracy. Long gone are the days of cheap plastic kiddies bows, that send arrows wildly adrift and don’t seem to last longer than the summer months.

  • Bear Archery Youth Brave 3 Compound Set: $59.99 (Price according to
  • Genesis Compound Bow Kit: $219.99 (Price according to
  • Barnett Vortex Lite Compound Bow: $99.99 (Price according to
  • PSE Micro Midas RTS Youth Bow: $229.99 (Price according to
  • PSE Guide Compound Bow Package for Youth: $89.99 (Price according to

Pre-Owned Bows – Range $100.00 – $750.00

There are many opportunities to pick up high quality compound bows from leading manufacturers in the second-hand market place. 

Bow hunters in general, especially those that paid premium prices for those flagship models, take good care of their equipment.

If they did not, then it wouldn’t operate as well and no hunter wants their equipment failing on a hunt. Therefore, the vast majority of pre-owned bows are still in great condition.

Archers have all kinds of reasons for wanting to sell their bows, maybe they decided to upgrade to a better model, won a fancy new bow in a 3D shoot competition, or even decided they were no longer interested in the sport.

Regardless of the reason, great deals are out there to those archers willing to look.

A great deal would be a flagship bow that is 2 – 3 years old going for between 30% to 50% of its original value, depending on its condition and if it comes with any additional accessories. 


As most archers well know, the bow you shoot needs to be custom fit to the specifications of the shooter which means the combinations are almost endless and there is no one-fits-all bow.

Throw in the various requirements needed from the bow for the large array of species to hunt and those combinations and variations in bows become even greater. 

Price is a discerning factor when it comes to choosing a bow and as mentioned earlier, the more green backs you are willing to invest, the higher quality product you will receive.

That is not to say that one needs to spend a large amount of money in order to be successful at bow hunting and that by spending all that money you will be getting the desired results from your bow. 

The price of the bow is one thing but do not forget the cost of additional equipment, accessories, arrows, and gear plus the time needed to make that investment work.

Because a bow no matter how expensive on shelves of the store, is effectively useless in the hands of an ill prepared hunter.

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