10 Great Duck Hunting Dog Names

A duck hunting dog is an indispensable companion that deserves a name that emphasizes its value and hunting prowess.

There are several names to choose from but if you have no idea what to name the little hunter just yet, here are some names that you can choose from.

What are the Best Duck Hunting Dog Names?

Choosing a name for your duck hunting companion can be a tricky process. You’ll probably want a tough name to show its character and hunting prowess while still being true to its genuine nature.

For Male Dogs

1.       Hunter

This one is a little bit on the nose, but what better name is there to give a hunting dog than “Hunter”?

Hunter refers to someone who hunts. It was derived from a popular English and Scottish family name. In the past, trades and occupations were often family businesses, and those who bore the name Hunter were huntsmen and bird catchers.

Eventually, the name stuck, and it is now used as a general term to refer to those who trap and ensnare prey.

2.       Trapper

Like Hunter, this one would obviously be a good choice for a hunting dog name. In the dictionary, the word “Trapper” refers to someone who traps wild animals.

However, the name Trapper is derived from Germany and means “troublemaker,” making it an excellent choice for those mischievous little hunting companions.

3.       Duke

Often used to refer to royalty next to princes and kings, the name Duke can also be a great name for duck hunting dogs.

Duke literally means “leader” and is an excellent name for those with strong, initiating personalities. The word “duke” can also refer to fists in combat, symbolizing a hunting dog’s fierce, fighting spirit.

4.       Boomer

Boomer is a name that refers to something immense, notable, or loud, which could be an excellent name for a big, robust and rambunctious hunting dog.

Most dogs used for duck hunting are either medium to large. Given that, the name Boomer would be great for a large duck hunting dog. The name also adds to the notability of the dog’s terrific senses and hunting abilities.

5.       Brutus

Brutus is also a great choice if you’re looking for a tough, mighty name for your duck hunting dog.

Brutus is a strong name with Latin origins meaning Heavy or Muscular and is often linked to the word brutal. The first known use of the name was by Marcus Brutus, the assassin of Julius Caesar.

Given that, this would be a great name to use for a hunting dog.

For Female Dogs

1.       Huntress

The name Huntress is the female form of the name Hunter – a perfect name for a dog who is ideal for the job.

Much like Hunter, this name refers to a female that traps and ensnares prey through various methods and is a great name choice for your female duck hunting dog.

2.       Artemis

Artemis is a name that originates from Ancient Greece and is a terrific choice for a female duck hunting dog. It means “butcher” or someone who cuts up animals for food.

To add to just how great this choice of name for a duck hunting dog would be, the Greek goddess Artemis is also the goddess of hunting and wilderness.

So if you have a dog that shows a knack for hunting, this name would be a great choice.

3.       Athena

Continuing with the Greek Mythology theme, Athena is yet another great name for a female duck hunting dog.

In Ancient Greece, the name Athena comes from the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. Not only that but this name is also associated with courage – a desirable trait for most great hunting dogs.

Athena was also known to be crafty and utilized various strategies to secure her wins.

4.       Amazon

Yet another name derived from Greek Mythology, the Amazons were known as the fiercest female warriors that ever walked the face of the earth.

They were feared by even the strongest men and matched even the bravest male warriors in strength, agility, and combat skills.

With this, the name Amazon would be a great name to symbolize your duck hunting dog’s warrior spirit.

5.       Kestrel

This one is a bit uncommon. The name Kestrel is derived from a type of bird of prey. It is a small type of falcon described as small and colorful.

Falcons have been known to prey on other birds, such as ducks. However, due to their small size, kestrels rely heavily on small rodents and mammals such as voles for their diet.

Nonetheless, these birds are still known to hunt smaller birds for food and thus would make an excellent name for a duck hunting dog.


Naming your dog can be a fun chore because of the many different things you can choose from. However, when selecting a duck hunting dog name, make sure that your name not only sounds good but embodies your hunting companion’s personality and fierceness.

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