Beginners Guide To Dove Hunting

Dove hunting for beginners

Dove hunting is a simple pleasure. All that’s needed is a shotgun and some birdshot. Add a stirred-up dule of doves to shoot at, and it’s one of the best pastimes the outdoors has to offer. Here are some tips to start next season off right. Dove Description And Habits There are many kinds of … Read more

12 Gauge vs 20 Gauge – Which to Choose

12 gauge vs 20 gauge

What to know, why it matters, and when to use each shell Shotguns are probably the most common firearm on earth, and definitely one of the most reliable. They’re simple machines – especially pump-action ones – and you don’t often hear stories of shotguns failing to load or cycle shells. I’ve had that issue on … Read more

What Do Turkeys Eat? A Wild Turkeys Diet

what do turkeys eat

Turkeys are a difficult bird to hunt. They’re elusive and hard to track. But like any wild animal, they spend a lot of their time looking for food. So, if you know what do turkeys eat, there’s a good chance you will know where to find a turkey. Everyone likes to put a turkey on the … Read more

Duck Hunting With Dogs

duck hunting with dogs

Duck hunting goes back a long time. Cave paintings from Europe provide evidence of waterfowl hunting some 12,000 years ago. Humans started hunting with dogs around the same time. A study by archaeologists from the University of Copenhagen and University College London looks at animal bones found in a Neolithic settlement known as Shubayqa 6, … Read more

Hunting Turkeys With A Bow

Hunting turkeys with a bow

It’s one of the surest signs of spring. Chilly mornings wrapped in camo and huddled up inside a blind with your bow, the sky starting to lighten while you listen for the first gobble of the morning. Between your teeth is the soft edge of a turkey call while you wait for just the right … Read more