Diseases In Deer: EHD And CWD Explained

Diseases in deer

Deer populations have risen to pretty substantial numbers across North America. With numbers being at an all-time high, unfortunately, so are diseases that plague deer.  Contact local Fish and Wildlife officials to see what your state is doing to help control and combat harmful diseases.  As far as diseases go, two main culprits are affecting … Read more

How Big Is A Wolf

How big is a wolf

Wolves are one of the most talked-about animals in North America. While they are hard to spot in the wild, everyone can picture a wolf from their popularity in movies. But one question I get asked a lot by the general public is, “How big is a wolf?” Wolves are a lot bigger than you … Read more

Albino, Piebald And Melanistic Deer Explained

Albino deer

Albino deer, piebald deer, and melanistic deer are all unique. This is a topic that sparks interest amongst hunters across the U.S. Native Americans believe that a white deer is a magical or a spirit animal, and it is bad luck to kill one. Many tribes have different beliefs, but all believe an albino deer … Read more

Where To Shoot A Deer

Where to shoot a deer

A wolf will take down a calf elk and kill it slowly and painfully. A human hunter, on the other hand, has the responsibility of a clean and ethical kill. Here are a few ways we have found that you can ensure you have the best shot placement on a deer. This can translate to … Read more

Traditional Bowhunting For Beginners

Traditional bowhunting

Hunting is as ancient as humanity. Until the last few centuries, the bow and arrow was the gold standard for taking game animals.  Bowhunting is still a prevalent hunting method. The vast majority of bowhunters are using high-tech compound bows with stabilizers and sights. All this technology serves to make the shooting of a bow … Read more

Hunting Turkeys With A Bow

Hunting turkeys with a bow

It’s one of the surest signs of spring. Chilly mornings wrapped in camo and huddled up inside a blind with your bow, the sky starting to lighten while you listen for the first gobble of the morning. Between your teeth is the soft edge of a turkey call while you wait for just the right … Read more

How To Cook Venison

how to cook venison

The hunt is over, and you’ve got that trophy buck hanging in your garage. Now you’re thinking to yourself what to do with it, burgers, sausages, goulash? You might be wondering, how to cook venison? Far too often, I hear people complain that venison is “gamey.” What exactly does that mean?  The reality is that … Read more

.308 vs .300 Win Mag – Which is better?

300 win mag vs .308

Without a doubt, two of the most popular cartridges for big game hunting are the .300 Winchester Magnum (.300 Win Mag) and the .308 (7.62 NATO).  Both are known for stopping power, range, accuracy, and ease of use.  Both rounds share a lot in common, but their differences put them worlds apart.  To break down … Read more

How To Sight In A Rifle

How to sight a rifle

How to Sight in a Rifle Sighting in a rifle is essential for obvious reasons. Many big game animals are living productive lives today because someone improperly sighted in their hunting rifles. Let’s look at the proper way to sight in your rifle so that you can hit the mark on the first trigger pull. … Read more

Mule Deer Vs Whitetail Deer: A Detailed Insight

mule deer vs whitetail deer

In North America, one of the single most abundant game resources available to hunters is deer. Now calling them just “deer” is an understatement. In Iowa, people chase some of the world’s largest Whitetail deer. In Montana, they have trophy Mule deer. In the Pacific Northwest and into Canada and Alaska, you can find Blacktail … Read more