Your Top 5 questions on Game Bags Answered

Game Bags – Are They Worth Using?

As a kid growing up in the North East, we were never too far from the truck or 4-wheeler when harvesting our whitetail. We never used game bags because we dragged our deer to the nearest open area, picked it up with the tractor or truck, and brought it straight to the barn.  We could … Read more

What Can You Hunt With a .22?

What Can You Hunt With a .22?

Is a .22 Considered a Rifle? Hunting with rifles has been a favorite American pastime since its inception. The term rifle has different meanings for different people, but the premise remains the same. Firing a projectile through a threaded barrel for accuracy is the general definition. There are large caliber rifles, which tend to steal … Read more

Iron Sights For Hunting

Iron sights for hunting

Iron sights were once the staple for rifle hunters and shooters alike. The first firearm sights used were iron sights, dating way back to the mid 1400’s. Even though telescopic sights slowly started to make their way into existence in the 1700’s, the iron sight continued to be the prevalent sighting method for most firearm … Read more

How To Skin A Squirrel

how to skin a squirrel

Small game hunting can be considered by many to be the natural gateway into all of hunting. This is where you learn the basic skills needed that help you further down the line in your hunting career when going after larger game.  Many hunters start with small game, and most continue pursuit of small game, … Read more

MRAD vs MOA For Hunting

MOA vs MRAD for hunting

Maybe you’re buying your first scope, or maybe you’ve tried one and are curious about the other. MRAD and MOA are the two systems you will be deciding on, but which is best for calculating distance and correction to hit the target? And, for hunting, does one have more advantages? In the end, it might … Read more

How To Sight In A Bow

bow sight

How to Sight your Compound Bow Many people who hunt and shoot with rifles are making the jump to bow hunting and doing so with the radically powerful and accurate compound bows. These bows, unlike traditional archery, do not use instinctive shooting as a means of accuracy.  Instead, we use a bow sight. The bow … Read more

Beginners Guide To Coyote Hunting

JFK Coyote Hunting

Despite efforts by ludicrous lawmakers in California (Scott Weiner, we’re looking at you and your attempts to ban black bear hunting) hunting is still an incredibly popular activity in America. And despite what anti-hunting groups would have you believe, the majority of hunting in America isn’t done for sport.  So what role, then, does predator … Read more

Beginners Guide To Dove Hunting

Dove hunting for beginners

Dove hunting is a simple pleasure. All that’s needed is a shotgun and some birdshot. Add a stirred-up dule of doves to shoot at, and it’s one of the best pastimes the outdoors has to offer. Here are some tips to start next season off right. Dove Description And Habits There are many kinds of … Read more

Elk Hunting 101

Elk Hunting

One of the most sought-after big game animals in North America has to be a Rocky Mountain elk. For game this size, they are surprisingly elusive and difficult to hunt, making them very difficult for new hunters. However, we have found that elk tend to keep to the same set of patterns, which explains why … Read more

Recognizing Deer Sounds And Knowing What They Mean

deer sounds

Whitetail deer are the most hunted big game animal in North America. Getting to know these animals in depth will put you ahead of the competition. One way to do this is by recognizing deer sounds. Whitetail use a range of sounds to communicate with each other. They do this for mating, danger, or for … Read more