Male vs Female Dogs For Hunting – Which to Choose?

Male vs Female Dog For Hunting

You’ve decided to go for it; you’re going to do it; you’re going to get a new hunting dog. The excitement is growing, but at the back of your mind, questions start to develop. What breed should you get? What about bloodlines? Male vs Female-which is better for hunting? We know how you feel; we’ve … Read more

Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs?

Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, and for a good reason. These highly intelligent dogs have served beside a man in so many areas and do so with utmost loyalty. This brave breed has served in wars, police force, security, personal assistance, guide dogs, and the list goes on. But … Read more

Why Do Hunting Dogs Have Long Floppy Ears?

Why do hunting dogs have floppy ears

Floppy ears of your hunting dog, according to scientists, are an unintended consequence of humans selectively breeding dogs for various characteristics, which caused stem cells to malfunction for unexplained reasons.  Domestication of dogs, specifically deliberate breeding of dogs for particular traits and to perform specific tasks, like hunting, has resulted in floppy ears.  One of … Read more

Can Hunting Dogs Have Toys?

Can Hunting Dogs Have Toys?

Hunting dogs are high-energy dogs with a very high prey drive. If you don’t find suitable ways to channel that energy, your dog will likely find other mischievous ways to burn up this excess energy. Giving your dog a toy is a great way to entertain them. Yes, hunting dogs can have toys also. Although there is … Read more

How To Remove Burrs From Hunting Dogs

How To Remove Burrs From Hunting Dogs

We’ve all been there and had to deal with them at one point or another.  BURRS- the bane of every gundog owner’s existence. These things can get so annoying that they can literally stop your hunt. I often had a dog working up hard only to have to pause in the field for 20 minutes to … Read more

Hypoallergenic Hunting Dogs

Portuguese Water Dog

If you’re a hunter that suffers from allergies but doesn’t want to miss out on the benefits of owning a hunting dog, the good news is there are 9 hypoallergenic hunting dogs that may suit your needs. Now it’s true that you can possibly train any dog to hunt, but some dogs are just bred to … Read more

Hunting Dog Names

Hunting dog names

You finally decided to bring home a new hunting family member. It has four legs, a wagging tail, and a cute little nose. Now it also needs a fitting name.  Finding a name for a new puppy for some people is almost like naming their child, mostly overwhelming. It needs to fit the dog, can’t … Read more

Best Hunting Dogs

Best hunting dogs

When it comes to picking a dog to be your loyal companion on a hunt, choices can become overwhelming. The topic of Best Hunting Dog is as old as time, and what might be right for one person might not be the case for the next. We’ve pooled together our experience to help you navigate … Read more