Who doesn’t like saltwater fishing? It’s the fishing equivalent of big game hunting. Not only is the catch delicious, but the experience is thrilling.

We aim to provide you with enough information to make your next saltwater adventure a memorable one. Our writers have countless hours of sea fishing between them. We fish inshore, deep sea, and all over the globe.

We want you to have success and enjoy saltwater angling as much as we do. Check out our how-to guides to get started, or maybe you’re just looking to change tactics. We compare tactics such as methods right down to best baits.

Weakfish vs Speckled Trout: What's the Difference

Weakfish vs Speckled Trout: What’s the Difference

Weakfish and Speckled Trout are probably one of the most notorious sources of confusion when it comes to determining the species. Not only that they are incredibly similar, but they also often inhabit the same fishing grounds! In the following lines, we will try to demystify this confusion – and also add some interesting information …

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A Complete Guide to Ladyfish

A Complete Guide to Ladyfish- How to Find and Catch

The Ladyfish is a ray-finned fish and are members of the Elopidae family. They are also popularly known as Jack-Rashes, Ten-Pounders, or Skipjacks.  Ladyfish occasionally venture into temperate waters, but are usually coastal-dwelling and found throughout subtropical and tropical regions. While they spawn out at sea, the fish larvae migrate inland and inhabit brackish waters. …

A Complete Guide to Ladyfish- How to Find and Catch Read More »

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