Best Powerbait For Trout

Powerbait is the number one bait when it comes to catching stocked trout. One of the reasons for this is because it closely resembles the food pellets they’ve been living off in the hatchery.

The problem is there are a lot of Powerbait options out there, and it can be confusing to know which works best.

It may come as no surprise to know the best Powerbait for trout depends on various factors. There is no one best Powerbait, but there are few variations that you should definitely have in your arsenal. 

Best Powerbait Color For Trout

The first thing we should address is color. Powerbait comes in a huge variety of colors, and they all work in one way or another. 

Some of the colors may seem like they could not possibly work, yet many fishermen will swear by them.

The colors I find work best are chartreuse, fluorescent orange, and rainbow. These 3 colors can cover a wide range of potential scenarios, and I feel that I have almost every base covered with just these 3.

The weather has a huge effect on knowing which color Powerbait to throw. 

Yellow or Orange: If it’s a clear day and the sun is out, I like to use yellow or orange. The reason for this is because they catch a lot of light when the sun’s rays penetrate the water.

These colors are not as effective on cloudy or overcast days, but on bright days they really attract the attention of the trout.

Chartreuse: This is by far the best color on overcast days when the water is a darker shade. More fish have probably been caught on chartreuse than any other color.

Rainbow: is the color to pick when you’re not sure what to choose. It’s one of the most versatile colors and works in a variety of situations.

There are numerous other colors, and they all work, but if you only have these three, I will guarantee they will catch fish.

Powerbait Scent

Did you know trout can smell? In fact, trout have a very powerful sense of smell. A trout’s nostrils are located on his snout, just in front of his eyes. These nostrils are so sensitive they can detect tiny molecules in the water.

This can be an advantage or disadvantage. The disadvantage is that trout are very good at smelling humans. 

If you don’t take proper care handling your bait, they will smell you and not show any interest in what you have to offer.

However, the big advantage is trout having a preference for some smells, and Powerbait has some very effective smells when attracting trout.

Garlic is probably the number one scent when it comes to using Powerbait for trout.

Best Type of Powerbait For Stocked Trout

Now when it comes to which type of Powerbait to use, the choices expand even more. However, I find that there is a handful that delivers results consistently.

My favorite types in no particular order are:

  • Nuggets
  • Power Eggs 
  • Dough
  • Mice Tails

Powerbait Trout Nuggets

These trout nuggets are great for both beginners and experienced trout fishers.

They require little effort to use, they don’t leave a mess, and they catch trout. 

These probably resemble trout pellets from the hatchery more than any other bait. This is why they work so well on stocked trout.

Nuggets are best used in the first week or two after stocking. After that, the trout will wise up to them and will be reluctant to take your bait.

Use them with a small hook for best results, as they can sometimes come off the hook.

  • Best for beginners
  • Extremely effective on freshly stocked trout
  • Easy to use
  • Not good for trout that have been long in the water

Powerbait Dough

Powerbait Dough is the most popular Powerbait, and for a good reason. It works.

The dough comes in a huge variety, but sticking with the colors mentioned above should yield some good results. If I had to choose two colors, it would be corn and glitter.

The corn is a bright yellow, and as we all know, trout like corn. The glitter works well in various light conditions and can grab the attention of an otherwise uninterested trout.

You can use this dough under a bobber or fish it off the bottom with a Carolina rig, and have it float just up off the pond bed.

  • Best all-around
  • Great for stubborn trout
  • Huge variety
  • Messy
  • Harder to keep on hook

Powerbait Power Eggs

When the fish aren’t taking your dough or nuggets, it’s time to switch out to Power Eggs. 

After a while in the water, the trout start to behave in a manner more like wild trout. They have seen every variation of dough and nuggets thrown at them.

The Power Eggs resemble a more natural type of food. 

This bait floats, so you have the choice to fish the surface or off the bottom.

I like to use two or three eggs on a hook and leave the point just barely exposed.

The added scent gives a benefit over other plastic variations.

  • Great for longer stocked trout
  • Fish the bottom or the surface
  • Stays on hook
  • Not as effective as nuggets on freshly stocked trout

Mice Tails

This bait is like a secret weapon for lures, when used properly it works wonders, yet not many people use it. It is an amalgamation of of the Powerbait floating egg and the Powerbait floating worm, and it is better than any one of those baits alone.

To get the most from this bait use it in shallow waters of a stocked pond. It works well under a slip sinker rig.

I find that it’s not as good as the dough or nuggets for freshly planted trout, but once the trout get used to their new surroundings it is very effective.

  • Best for shallow waters
  • Very beginner friendly
  • Works when dough stops working
  • Not good in deep pools

How Do You Fish Powerbait For Trout

One of the great things about Powerbait is how easy it is to fish. There are no fancy techniques to learn, you can get by with one or two rigs, and it’s a relaxing endeavor.

With Powerbait, it’s simply cast out and wait. Sure, you can move around the pond and look for more promising spots, but if you’re just out to enjoy the day, you can set up in one area and wait for the trout to come to you.

A Carolina rig is perfect for Powerbait and suitable for beginners. 

This rig is a great advantage in ponds because most trout ponds have grassy bottoms, and the Carolina rig will suspend your bait above the grass, just within the strike zone. 

It will also allow for casting out far due to the weight of the sinker.

To make this rig, it’s as simple as a bullet or egg sinker-glass or plastic bead-swivel-12″-48” leader-single hook.

Another fail-proof option is a classic bobber. This works in almost all conditions but is more effective in cold weather when the trout are near the surface.

To make this, it goes bobber stop-bead-slip bobber-split shot-hook.

Whatever method you choose to fish, small hooks are preferable. Although you can use treble hooks, I prefer single. A size 10 – 12 hook is perfect for Powerbait.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, power bait is the number one option when fishing stocked trout. It is a tried and tested method by thousands of anglers yearly.

It is highly recommended for beginners due to the ease of use and the quality of results. 

Not only does Powerbait work on trout it works on a variety of other fish also. However, it’s almost as good as useless for wild trout.

If you’re looking to fish your local pond or lake, try some of these options above, and you have a great chance of landing some rainbows.

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