11 Best Broadheads of 2022

After testing numerous broadheads, 100s of shots, sore arms, and one target block later, we have come up with our favorite broadheads for this year.

How we tested

All the broadheads were tested the same day except for one, which arrived later.


The first thing we tested on the broadheads was the overall quality. This included everything from the package it came in, to the individual components and ease of assembly.

Some of the broadheads were pre-assembled, some do not require assembly, and some were tedious to assemble.

Packaging may not matter to some people, but it is nice to see some brands go the extra mile and secure their products in quality packaging, it gives you confidence in the product.

Each broadhead was then weighed to find how close they were to the stated weight. 

The broadheads were fired at target blocks, meat, and sand, after which they were dipped into water to see how they would hold up on a real hunt.


The sharpness was one of the more difficult things to test. Mainly because we were trying to figure out which method of testing the sharpness would be most accurate.

The only thing we can offer here is our own guess. To test the sharpness we used our fingers to test the blades, sliced banana skins, sliced paper, and tested on a taught rubber band.

Perhaps the penetration test will show more of an idea of the sharpness and cutting ability of the broadheads.


The accuracy test was done on a morning of no wind. Each broadhead was fired twice from 20 yards alongside a field point.

This was a good test as it shows how close the broadheads are to the field point.

All shots were fired from 20-50+ yards with a Mathews V3x 33 with a 29-inch draw length and 65 pounds draw weight.


The last test was the penetration test. This bow setup was the same as the accuracy test.

The meat used was pork shoulder as after spending a fortune on broadheads, it was the most affordable.

The meat was hung in front of a target block that was placed on a sandhill.

Each broadhead shot was checked for cut damage, entry hole, exit hole, and penetration.

Most heads clean cut through the meat, and block, and into the sand. Perhaps something with ribs will be better for the next test.


There is no real way for us to test value. So we took all the information from the tests above and compared it with the price.

We then ask ourselves whether we think it’s worth it compared to its competitors.

Best Broadheads

After extensive testing, we managed to come up with what we consider the best broadheads.

I should preface this by saying any of the broadheads we tested would be capable of taking a deer. 

Some of them I wouldn’t use if I had another choice but all will get the job done.

Wasp Jak-Hammer (Mechanical)

Best Broadheads

If you’re looking for a broadhead that really slices then you need the Wasp Jak-Hammer.

If you don’t mind whether you shoot a mechanical or fixed blade, then this would be the one to choose.

Before I go any further, the first thing I want to say is I’ve never seen a broadhead that slices as well as this.

On the sharpness test, it took the smallest little bit more effort than the Hypodermic, but it was so small a difference it was barely noticeable.

On the shooting test, it performed really well and was one of the most accurate broadheads on the day.

But getting to the good part, this broadhead did more meat damage than any other broadhead we tested.

They were a little disappointing on the scale all coming in at different wights. But the gap wasn’t huge. The lightest was 99.6 and the heaviest was 100.4.

The was no issue with opening on any of the shots. The design is nice albeit a bit simple. The blades will freely fall open with the rubber band removed.

Similar to the Hypodermic, there were no obvious signs of use or rust after using.

One advantage over the Hypodermic is there are 3 broadheads in a packet.

Nap Thunderhead

Best Broadheads

The NAP Thunderhead is the perfect all-around broadhead in my opinion. It does everything well enough, without excelling at any one thing or poorly performing in any one area.

Yes, there are broadheads that fly better, cut straighter, or are sharper, but none does them all together, and the Nap Thunderhead is the perfect middle ground.

This broadhead is big and is by far the longest broadhead we tested. It is also quite wide, despite all this, it was still one of the best flying broadheads and flew better than some mechanical broadheads.

The blades were relatively sharp straight out of the box and would be more than acceptable to go hunting with.

They were not the sharpest but as mentioned above this is not an excel in one area broadhead but rather the best all-around broadhead.

Given its size, I would have liked to see a bit more meat damage, but again the damage it did was more than acceptable.

The one drawback of this broadhead was the blades show signs of use after minimal firing, as well as some rust setting in on the tip.

Perhaps NAP is aware of this and that is why they provide 5 blades per pack. It’s also possible to sharpen these blades.

Overall I would say these are the best broadheads for the money.

QAD Exodus

Best Broadheads

I was super excited to try out the QAD Exodus after hearing so many great things about this head.

It was certainly one of the sharpest broadheads we tested but was inconsistent across the blades.

The construction did leave a little to be desired. The weights were inconsistent with one head weighing as much as 103.6.

There was a little damage and rust showing after use but not so much to be concerned about.

The accuracy was pretty impressive and the arrow flew perfectly. 

Now the reason I was hearing so many good things about the QAD Exodus had nothing to do with anything mentioned above.

Where the QAD Exodus excels and outperforms anything else in the field is the meat damage.

This broadhead obliterated the meat and left a gaping hole with huge slices.

If the only thing you care about is the damage, then this is the broadhead for you.

One can easily overlook a few of the small issues when seeing the damage that this head can do, I know I will.

One thing worth noting with the QAD Exodus is that if you shoot a very short arrow, you may need a little longer, as the blades come back over the tip of the arrow.

G5 Montec CS

Best Broadheads

The G5 Montec use to get a lot of slack for being of poorer quality blades. Despite that they were still one of the top selling broadheads.

However, the Montec CS puts them claims to bed by using carbon steel.

After shooting this broadhead a good 20 times, it hit meat, sand, target blocks and was dunked in water it held up exceptionally well and looks brand new.

They were not the sharpest out of the packet but were close to the top. The meat damage was impressive and it left quite a rather large hole. 

As mentioned above, we didn’t test anything on ribs, but I suspect that these would be one of the top performers if we did.

The accuracy was impressive, they weren’t the most accurate but again they were at the top.

I would put these as another great all around broadhead with maybe a little extra on the damage it can inflict, and exceptional durability.

Wasp Mortem

Best Broadheads

Out of the packet the Wasp Mortem looked to be the sharpest at a quick glance, and I was excited to try them.

It’s safe to say my suspicions were right and the Mortems didn’t disappoint on the sharpness test. 

The Mortem barely touched the band before cutting it.

The accuracy was just as good as the sharpness. It flew quite well and was easy to lane pretty close to the field point even out to 50 yards. It is certainly one of the most accurate fixed blades we tested.

The construction of the Annihilator was excellent and has a superb sturdy feel. All heads weighed in very accurately with minimal difference between them.

There was minimal damage on the blades after shooting, but not so much that the broadhead couldn’t be resharpened.

The Wasp Mortem is so well constructed you would be forgiven for mistaking it as a one-piece broadhead. However, the blades are removable and can be resharpened.

They are so well put together though, so it takes a little effort to remove the o-ring to free the collar and blades.

The Mortem like all Wasp broadheads left an impressive “wound” in the meat. This is the type of broadhead that will inflict a lot of damage, and if the animal didn’t drop on the spot you would have no doubts about a blood trail.

The solid steel ferrule and the rock-hard trocar tip make this a perfect broadhead for hog hunting.

The Mortem isn’t as popular as some of the other fixed blade broadheads on this list, but maybe it ought to be.

VPA Carbon

Best Broadheads

I was a little uncertain about using a non-vented broadhead. I was afraid accuracy would suffer at least, but the VPA Carbon quickly dispelled the myths.

As you can see in the picture this is one of the most accurate broadheads we tested. It landed within an inch of the field point.

However, although I was surprised by the accuracy of this broadhead, I was equally as surprised about the sharpness, and not in a good way.

The VPA was disappointing on the sharpness tests out of the box. It wasn’t so bad that it was unusable, but it did take a bit of back and forth on the rubber band.

With that being said it still performed well on the meat test. It left a sizable hole in the meat, and I have no doubt that it would perform well on ribs and is plenty capable of dropping a deer.

I tested the VPA again after a very light sharpening and I must say it was a huge improvement to when I first tried it out of the box.

The build quality of the VPA Carbon broadheads is excellent. They all weighed in the exact same on the scales at 101.4.

The broadheads had no sign of use other than some very subtle signs of rust.

Grim Reaper Razorcut SS (Mechanical)

Best Broadheads

The Razor Cut SS was one of the most impressive broadheads of the day. 

There is not an area where this broadhead doesn’t shine. Out of the box, the broadhead was nothing to get excited about, but once we started testing it, we were really impressed.

In the sharpness test, it excelled, cutting the band with the slightest touch. Even against my finger, it felt lethally sharp.

Normally you would expect things to drop off, it’s rare to get a broadhead that excels at everything, but the Razer Cut SS kept getting better.

On the shooting test the Razer Cut was so accurate we were close to robin hooding the field point arrow a few times.

It flies exceptionally well and may be the best flying broadhead on the day.

When it came to the meat test the Razer Cut kept on impressing. It inflicted serious damage on the meat leaving quite a big hole and some big cuts.

The Razercut showed minimal signs of damage after testing. One blade sowed some damage but there were no other nicks or rust even after sitting for a few days.

The build quality is exceptional and you know you have a good quality broadhead in your hand just by feeling it.

Rage Trypan NC Hypodermic (Mechanical)

Best Broadheads

The Rage Trypan was one of the most impressive broadheads we tested. 

It was one of the sharpest out of the box, performing well on all the cutting tests. It took minimal effort and pressure to cut the band.

For this test, we didn’t use a chronograph but if we did I would say that this broadhead would have been one of the fastest.

For the shooting tests, it performed admirably as well. It flew pretty well and landed close enough to the field point.

What I liked most about the Rage Hypodermic Trypan was the cutting damage. These blades are one of the widest and they sliced through the meat very well.

We fired these broadheads multiple times and they never had any issues opening.

On the scales, there was a slight inaccuracy, with one weighing in at 101.0 and the other at 101.6.

After shooting them, they were left as is to see how well they would hold up. It’s fair to say you wouldn’t even know this broadhead was shot. There was no rust or any other signs of damage.

These were one of my favorite performing broadheads on the day and I will probably incorporate them into my own setup. However, one big drawback is the cost.

While the cost may not seem high compared to other broadheads, there are only two hypodermics in a packet.

I would have preferred to see three in the packet.


Best Broadheads

I was excited to try the Annihilator. After reading some reviews and hearing word about it, it was a late addition to the group and was tested a few days after the others.

One thing I noticed about the Annihilator was what they had written on the back of the pack “Punches holes rather than cutting slits”

This made me a bit skeptical about the sharpness of the broadhead, and it’s safe to say my doubts were well-founded. The Annihilator performed the worst on the sharpness test out of the box.

However, as written on the packet, this broadhead wasn’t designed to cut. Although, a quick sharpening and the Annihilator was cutting like the best of them.

It was super easy to sharpen and it only took a small few passes to have this broadhead cutting well.

Again, I was a bit apprehensive about the accuracy of the broadhead, but here my doubts weren’t well-founded. The Annihilator performed exceptionally well on the shooting test.

It wasn’t the most accurate, but for a no-vented broadhead, it was impressive. It was almost perfect up until 50 yards plus when I started to notice the slightest drop-off.

The meat test was a little difficult on this one, as the meat was still a little frozen.

However, the broadhead did exactly as Annihilator claimed it would-it punched an impressive hole. I did restest this broadhead another day. This time we used some meat with bone, and the Annihilator easily smashed through it, grinding up some bone on its way.

I would be somewhat concerned about a blood trail from this broadhead, but that will take some further testing.

Muzzy 3 Blade

Best Broadheads

The Muzzy 3 Blade was entered in as one of the budget broadheads to test.

We weren’t looking for or expecting anything from this head, but rather wanted to see how it performs for the price tag.

One of the first things we noticed was how cumbersome assembly was with these broadheads. Surely a simpler method could be incorporated.

It wasn’t the sharpest broadhead in the group but it was sharper than some of the more expensive heads.

The construction was also quite impressive and showed minimal signs of use after use. There was no damage to the blades and no rust.

The Muzzy surprised again on accuracy, again not the best but still performing better than some of the more expensive ones.

The Muzzy 3 Blade kept on surprising us, and did some pretty impressive meat damage.

All in all, this is a solid all-around broadhead and it’s hard to find any faults with it. Given the price, this is probably the best bang for your buck.

Slick Trick Magnum

Best Broadheads

The Slick Trick Magnum was the only four-blade head we tested in this bunch.

Out of the box, the construction seemed good and they were fairly consistent on the scales.

Out of the box sharpness was acceptable and more than ready to take hunting, but I would still prefer to give them a quick sharpening.

The accuracy was acceptable, maybe not the greatest but not bad.

Similarly, the meat damage was acceptable, I was hoping for a little bit more in this department.

After shooting, there were some obvious signs of use on the blades, maybe a bit more than I would have liked to see.

Later on, there was some clear rust forming on the tip, but none on the blades.

Overall I was hoping for a bit more with the Slick Trick Magnums. But they are still a solid option for most big game animals.

They are certainly acceptable and would successfully get you through a hunt.

Final Thoughts

This test was a bit of an eye-opener and it appears there is a broadhead for everyone.

Some are the most accurate, some the sharpest, some make the most damage and some are great all-rounders.

The Jak Hammer really opened up the meat like nothing else, while the Thunderhead is a great affordable all arounder.

The Razer Cut was a good balance of accuracy and meat damage, probably on the better end for both.

The Exodus caused a huge amount of damage for a fixed blade broadhead.

No two heads were the same so hopefully, this test can help you narrow down your choices. It certainly helped me.

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