4 Best Bow Quivers For Compounds 2022

When you hear the words bow quiver, you would be forgiven for thinking of Robin Hood running through the forest. However, for modern-day hunters, a bow quiver is an essential piece of equipment.

Used to safely carry arrows while out in the field, a bow quiver should not be overlooked when putting together your kit.

There are different types of quivers, such as a back quiver or hip quiver. However, the ones we are going to look at are bow-mounted quivers. 

Bow mounted quivers attach to your compound bow, allowing for easy maneuverability in the woods. Whether you are hunting turkeys or chasing a big buck, a quiver is an essential piece of kit.

Buyers Guide

When buying a bow quiver, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not all quivers are created equally, and some may be better than others. 


When undertaking an extreme sport like bow hunting, the harsh environment can take its toll on your equipment. This equipment needs to stand up to the harsh conditions, and your quiver is no exception.

Most bow quivers are constructed from durable plastics. This allows for long-lasting quivers no matter the harsh elements. 


The quivers weight is an important factor when looking to purchase. When purchasing a bow, many people try to find the lightest possible. It makes sense as you will be carrying it a long time on a hunt and then have to hold it steady to aim, no easy feat. The same holds true for the weight of a quiver. After all, you will be attaching it to your bow.


Depending on what you will be using it for, you may need to think of capacity. Most modern quivers for compound bows for hunting hold between 4-5 arrows. This is more than enough for a day’s hunting. It allows to keep the weight down also.

Best Bow Quivers

  1. Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver
  2. Apex Gear Reactor LTE
  3. TightSpot Rise Arrow Quiver
  4. Arrow Web HD Series Quiver

Hex Light 5 Arrow Quiver

Complete with glowing green LED lights, this quiver is one of our favorites.

Capable of holding fixed or mechanical broadheads with a soft touch hood, which also helps to reduce vibration and noise. It encompasses a quick attachment design to allow for easy mounting and detaching.

This quiver can also be customized to your liking with either single or dual arrow grippers.

Trophy Ridge is a reputable name in the bow industry, and this quiver lives up to its reputation. It is a little on the expensive side; however, we think it’s worth it for the quality and features.

Apex Gear Reactor LTE

If you want quick, quiet, and secure, we recommend the Apex Gear Reactor LTE.

This five arrow bow quiver uses the Apex CAM-LOCK system to attach and remove easily. It features Apex Gear TRU.TOUCH soft-feel technical coating. The use of a thumb tab style gripper allows for quick arrow removal.

This is available in either black or Realtree Xtra. We would have liked to see more color options.

TightSpot Rise Quiver

If you mainly hunt out of a treestand, this is the quiver for you. This new bow quiver by TightSpot quivers is something the market needed, and treestand hunters across the globe are grateful.

The first thing to note is the added loop on the hood; this is to easily hang your quiver in a tree. Another thing to notice is that this quiver is four inches shorter than the original, making it extremely compact and maneuverable at just 16½ inches.

Another impressive feature is the use of a secondary gripper. This gripper allows the broadheads to float in the hood without touching anything, keeping them sharp all day long. 

Available in nine different colors, it’s sure to have one to match your hunt. We highly recommend this one.

Arrow Web HD Series Quiver

This offering from Mathews is one of the best quivers we’ve seen. Priced a little in the high price range but worth every cent.

Clever use of Harmonic Dampening in the body and the new HD SpiderClaw reduces sound intensity by 55%.

The arrows stay securely in place with virtually no vibration. Being part of the HD Series, it comes with a detachable blade protector for expandable broadheads. It also comes with a foam insert.

Available in a four arrow or six arrow option. There are seven camo options to choose from, and eight insert colors on offer.


There are many quiver options on the market today. We’ve only highlighted a small few of our favorites.

Depending on what type of hunt you are going on and your hunting style can affect the type of quiver to use. Hopefully, this overview serves as a starting point on your hunt for the perfect quiver.

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