Best Bow Hunting Backpacks And How to Choose

A hunting backpack is something that all bowhunters need. It will allow you to carry your gear, as well as some other items that will make your time spent in the woods more comfortable. Such as water, food, and a first aid kit. 

A hunting backpack is going to reflect the way you hunt. If you’re a gear head and like to have the latest and greatest of everything, then you’ll need something larger that can hold everything you want to bring. The opposite applies for the minimalist. You want something light and easy to carry.

Below we’re going to go over some of the best features of bowhunting backpacks to help you know what to look for. We will also have a shortlist of backpacks to get a better idea of what products are out there and how they can best work for you.

Bowhunting Backpack Features

There are many different features that a bowhunting backpack can have. If you’re new to the world of hunting, then all the information can be overwhelming, which is why we’re going to go over some of the most basic and best features below. Check them out and see which ones are going to work best for you.

Bow Attachment

If you’re going to be bowhunting, then you need a bag that has a good bow attachment. My personal opinion is that above all other features, this is what you should consider first and foremost. Having a bow attachment is a great way to hike back to your spot hands-free and allows you an easy and convenient spot to place your bow. Some people prefer not to have one on their bowhunting bag though. So, it is all personal preference.

Hydration Pack

If you use your backpack for nothing else, then let it be to hold your water. Dehydration can set in quickly, and having a couple of liters of water with you can save your life and make for a more enjoyable hunt. When you look at a pack, you should be checking to see if it has a hydration bladder in it or if it has enough room to hold a large water bottle. 

Stone Glacier Sky Archer

Storage Space

The importance of carrying space is going to be different from hunter to hunter. Some hunters will only be out for a few hours each day, so a giant pack that can hold a tent and sleeping bag might not be needed. Instead, they only need something large enough to hold the essentials, such as food, water, bow, quiver, and a multi-tool.

If you plan on being out for the night, weekend, week, or month, then you’ll need something that has a lot of carrying space so that you can store everything you need for the long days in the field and for resting in the evening. It’s these long trips where you need to be able to carry everything you need with you so that you can ensure you are properly prepared.


The weight of your pack is going to be similar to the storage space of your bag. A hunter planning on being out for only a morning or an afternoon hunt shouldn’t worry too much about how heavy or light a bag is. Chances are, it will make little to no difference for them. Now, if they have a medical condition that prevents them from carrying larger items, then it may be something they should take into consideration.

Like we mentioned above, if you plan on being out in the field for days at a time and will be hiking miles and miles, then the weight of your backpack will be crucial to your success and comfort. When you’ve been hiking five miles a day for a week straight, you will be surprised at how big of a difference a few ounces can make. 


Below, we have a few different bow hunting backpacks. Each has its own list of pros and cons, so think about what type of bowhunting you enjoy doing and see if the features match up with your hunting style.

INSIGHTS Hunting Vision Bow Pack

This is a great pack for the hunter who may be looking for something that won’t cost hundreds of dollars. It comes with everything a bowhunter needs without the steep price tag. The wider weapon compartment allows for a large bow to be stowed and also has a tree stand shelf and gear basket.

There is an extra-large main compartment on this bag. This is ideal for carrying all the essential gear you need, such as electronics, quiver, tools, as well as space for water, which is convenient since there is no hydration bladder in this bag.

The padded back gives great comfort and support when you’re out hunting—making it much more comfortable for you when hiking miles a day. There is also a cooling mesh that will keep your back from overheating when hunting during the early season. Making this ideal for use in all weather and seasons.

Mystery Ranch Selway 60

mystery ranch selway 60

This is a great backpack for the hunter who enjoys the minimalistic approach. Large enough to carry some extra gear for those long trips out into the field, but small and light enough that it won’t burden you with its weight. The total weight is heavier than the Stone Glacier below, but despite its weight, it is also extremely durable, making this a great all-around pack.

The Selway 60 also has the patented Overload feature. This is a quick attach frame that allows for easier access to your shelf, making it easier to pack out your harvest after a successful hunt. 

On the dies of this pack, it features bow and rifle compression straps. This is great for hunters who enjoy both hunting with a bow and a rifle. The two zippered side pockets are perfect for holding tools that you need to get to quickly. 

Stone Glacier Sky Archer

stone glacier sky archer

The newly redesigned Sky Archer now has an extra storage area for stowing away a spotting scope, as well as a better designed full-length side zipper pocket. This allows you to access the main compartment of the bag without having to remove your bow from its holder. 

If you plan on hunting and hiking for miles at a time, then this is the bag for you. It is lightweight, weighing only two pounds seven ounces. On top of that, this bag is also weather proof. The topside seams and storm flap are sewn together to create folds that help keep out moisture.

Inside there are several different pockets. This allows for easy organization and less clutter, helping you find exactly what you need in a moment’s notice. The left pocket is made specifically to hold a tripod or arrow tube. This bag is perfect for all different kinds of hunting. It doesn’t matter if you bow hunt or rifle hunt. This pack can handle it.


Bowhunting backpacks can be a great asset to hunters when out in the field. It can hold all of the items you need to make the hunt more enjoyable and successful, which is why they are so crucial as well as useful.

Use the article above to help you pick out your very own bowhunting backpack. Think about what exactly you need to be successful and use the information to find the one that is right for you!

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