Bergara vs Tikka: Which is Better?

Bergara vs Tikka is a battle that has been going on in the world of firearms for generations. Two solid companies that have built arguably some of the finest and most reliable hunting rifles in the industry.

It is always a tough decision to make between these brands but regardless of your choice, you would have chosen correctly. Yet between such quality rifle manufacturers, there will always be the question of, is the other brand just that little bit better?

Although we may not be able to settle this almost impossible battle of which is best, we can highlight and compare a few of the top models each company has produced, to help any hunter or shooter in the decision-making process.

Bergara Rifles

The crown jewel of every Bergara rifle is the superior barrel quality. Renowned for their high standards through a combination of technology and craftsmanship, Bergara gives each hunter or competitive shooter the peace of mind, knowing their rifle will perform consistently over a long period of time.

An added bonus is that Bergara has been able to offer these precision rifles at pricing that is not only worth the value but within the budget of your average hunter. 

We have hand-picked the following Bergara rifles to scrutinize them, pinpoint their best features and compare them to similar makes in the Tikka range:

  • B-14 BMP Centerfire Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor
  • B-14 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle
  • BXR 22LR Carbon Fiber Rifle

Tikka Rifles

Any rifle manufacturer that has been producing firearms consistently since 1918 can be trusted and the purchaser of any of those rifles will know that those years of development, feedback, adjustments, and improvements have been incorporated into the manufacturing process which produced the rifle they have in their hands.

This reliability was enforced when Tikka partnered with SAKO in 1981 which seemed to spur on even better rifle development and production. Since then, Tikka and Sako have become household names amongst hunters.

All Tikka rifles go through accuracy testing to prove the rifle can perform under 1 M.O.A accuracy prior to being sold anywhere.

The following Tikka rifles with their best features highlighted that we would compare against the Bergara are:

  • T3X Lite Bolt-Action Rifle
  • T3X Compact Tactical Rifle
  • T1X 17 HMR Rimfire Rifle

Head-to-Head Model Comparisons

Bergara: B-14 BMP Centre Fire 6.5 Creedmoor  

  • Affordable custom-grade features
  • Sliding plate extractor to provide smooth feeding and enhanced extraction
  • Has a 1-in-7-inch, 24-inch barrel with a 0.86-inch muzzle
  • The 1-in-12-inch twist allows it to shoot high ballistic coefficient bullets, which means pinpoint accuracy
  • Ideal for competition shooters and backcountry hunters with its lightweight, rigid aluminum chassis
  • Adjustable recoil pad, cheekpiece positioning and pull length
  • Multi-purpose rifle that is highly customizable

Tikka: T3X Lite Bolt-Action Rifle

  • 22.4-inch barrel bolt-action that is a lite version of the original model
  • Extremely lightweight at only 6.6-pounds
  • Hammer-forged barrel, heavy duty stock and smooth bolt-action
  • 3-round sub-MOA direct from the manufacturer
  • Enhanced grip in wet conditions with new grip pattern and design
  • Redesigned ejection port, creating more space which allows for trouble-free single feeding through the ejection port
  • T3X Lite rifle uses two 180-degree locking lugs, plunger ejector, spring extractor, and hollow bolt handle

Verdict – Draw

Two fantastic rifles, both jam-packed with smart features and designs created by some of the best minds in the industry.

The only real difference would be the Tikka T3X seems to be developed with the hunter in mind, an out of the box rifle ready to hunt. While the Bergara B-14 BMP is for the dedicated target shooter, who wants everything just perfect in their rifle.

Bergara: BXR 22LR Carbon Fiber Rifle

  • Semi-automatic rimfire with a tighter chamber design which allows it to fire match grade or standard velocity ammunition
  • Stock length can be altered with removable spacers
  • Base model features fluted steel barrel, with a Cerakote finish that weighs 5.25 pounds
  • 16.5-inch barrel that has a pre-threaded muzzle which makes suppressor attachment easy
  • A 30 MOA Picatinny rail that is not found on a Ruger

Tikka: T3X Compact Tactical Rifle

  • 20-inch barrel has a semi-heavy contour and is cold-hammer forged
  • Bolt moves smoothly and quickly due to the keyhole structure and two lugs tapering at the front
  • Tactical and visual indicator that protrudes under the rear of the bolt, coupled with a large polymer knob that feels sleek and comfortable to maneuver
  • Sako-style extractor with a spring-loaded plunger
  • Adjustable trigger that gives allowances to between 2 to 4 pounds
  • Magazine is located at the bottom of the trigger guard which allows for quick and easy reload
  • 5/8×24-inch thread allow attachments of standard units like muzzle brakes and suppressors

Verdict – Tikka T3X

The shorter barrel of the Bergara and ability to adjust stock length with the spacers makes it an almost perfect rifle for youth shooters or those wanting to concentrate on their shooting ability without developing a flinch. The fact it comes pre-threaded so a suppressor can be attached is an added bonus.

The Tikka, however, takes the win on this occasion as it simply out competes the Bergara with better tactical features. The trigger adjustment, longer barrel, tactical indicator and Sako-styled extractor with spring-loaded plunger are all features that serious plinkers and tactical shooters should be drawn to. 

Bergara: B-14 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle

  • Integrated chassis supporting a free-floating barrel which aids in precision
  • Barrel has a 21.2mm diameter muzzle, twist rate of 1-in-18-inch for 140-grain and higher bullets
  • The under-cut of the butt is ideal for shooting from a prone position and the pistol grip is comfortable on the hand, offering a great position for the fingers
  • Trigger mechanics can be adjusted from the set 3-pounds
  • Twin lug and coned bolt are similar to the Sako-style extractor and spring ejector, which is reminiscent of the Remington 700
  • Bolt operation is possible with the safety engaged and the feed is a polymer 5-round AICS compatible magazine.

Tikka: T1X 17 HMR Rimfire Rifle

  • Smooth stainless-steel bolt with replaceable handle
  • Single stack 10-round magazine which is ideal for this bolt action caliber
  • Textured polymer which improves grip without compromising the smoothness of feed and extraction
  • Cross-over contoured barrel that provides excellent balance and stability
  • Pre-threaded from the manufacturer for immediate suppressor attachment
  • Customizable stock or grip with Tikka T3X accessories

Verdict – Bergara B-14 HMR

One cannot overlook the sleek design and look of the B-14, it almost screams customization. This may very well be one of the best bench rest rifles for long-range shooting in the firearms industry.

The free-floating barrel on top of the integrated chassis really helps to make it a tack-driver.

The adjustable cheek piece and length of pull, coupled with the adjustable trigger allows the shooter to tweak the rifle to maximum comfort when pulling the trigger.

The Tikka was not completely blown out of the water, if anything it led the race between these two rifles for quite a distance, but the reason the Bergara pipped it to the finish line was the adjustable features. In terms of shooting performance, both rifles are outstanding and deadly accurate.


As mentioned in the introduction, the battle between the Bergara vs Tikka will rage on for a very long time because both brands continue to exceed the shooters’ expectations of their rifles and that only helps to build onto their already solid reputations.

Customization and performance through accuracy seem to be the cornerstones that Bergara and Tikka truly focus on. They want the hunter or competition shooter to be comfortable with every pull of the trigger and also confident that wherever they point that muzzle, is where the bullet will hit.

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