30-30 vs 270

30-30 Win vs 270 Win: Which is Better?

These are two of the oldest cartridges in active production and development. Winchester first marketed the 30-30 for the Model 1894 level action rifle. The .270 Winchester was unveiled in 1925 with the Model 54 bolt-action rifle. Both have found their place with North American hunters in distinct roles and situations. The Ballistics Comparison Ballistically, …

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Coues Deer Range

Coues Deer Range

The Coues deer is a sub-species of the Eastern Whitetailed Deer and is common in the southwest United States. Coues, correctly pronounced “cowz,” was first described by naturalist Dr. Elliot Coues in 1866. Many people refer to this species of whitetailed deer as the Arizona whitetail or a “fantail” deer. Coues Deer Native Range Arizona, New …

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7mm vs. 7mm-08: What’s the Difference?

7mm vs. 7mm-08: What’s the Difference?

These two cartridges share many similarities, but their differences are enough to make them distinct choices for large-caliber hunting rifles. Both cartridges shoot 7m bullets (.284). Both cartridges are available in various factory loads with different bullet weights. These rifle cartridges are popular with elk, bear, and other large North American game hunters. The Commonalities …

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