Everything You Need To Know About Hunting, Fishing, and Harvesting Your own Food in One Place

Here at eatingthewild.com we’re all about hunting, fishing, and harvesting our own food.

Robert the creator of eating the wild, is adamant to teach hunting and fishing to anyone that would like to learn.

Together with a team of expert hunters and anglers, we want to educate beginners, as well as pros and the general public about hunting and fishing.

He was fortunate enough to grow up hunting and fishing, however, we understand not everyone is that fortunate. Some people get into this lifestyle at a later age and don’t have the luxury of someone else to show them the ropes.

He created the site for just this reason. Throughout this site, you will find many beginners guides on various hunting styles and fishing styles.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate hunters and anglers from around the world, dedicated to informing new hunters and anglers how to enter what seems like a complicated industry.


Robert is the founder of Eating The Wild and has been hunting and fishing for as long as he can remember. He has a strong attachment to the great outdoors and his mission is to get more people involved in harvesting their own food from the wild.
He started this website to help get people involved in the outdoors, so they can explore and cherish what nature has to offer.


Jono McHugh was born and raised in South Africa. After completing his University honours degree in Wildlife Management he obtained his license as a Professional Hunting Guide. Jono has since established and built up his own hunting outfitting business called Kingsview Safaris, where he has guided hunters from 37 different nations over the course of 14 years. Within his love for hunting, Jono especially enjoys bow hunting, guiding clients on Buffalo hunts and sharing his knowledge or advice on hunting with anyone that is willing to listen. Jono also has his own podcast dedicated to hunting in Africa called Round The Fire With Kingsview Safaris.


Dennis Howard is a lifelong shooter, hunter, and outdoorsman. As a child, he hunted with his Dad and uncles and continues those activities today. In addition to hunting and fishing, Dennis enjoys learning and training in survival skills and practicing preparedness for himself and his family.
In 2009, he opened a retail sporting and gun store. The company held a federal firearms license until it closed in 2017. During this time, Dennis achieved and held several instructors certificates from the NRA including small arms, pistol, and rifle.
Dennis is now fully retired and spends his time shooting, and traveling with his wife and two dogs in their travel trailer.


Tom is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, fishing, and boating. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania he developed a love for spending time in nature. After spending time in the Marine Corps and Coast Guard, which allowed him to enjoy hunting and fishing around the world, he turned his passion into a career as a conservation officer. He now spends his time introducing his son to the same outdoor wonders he enjoyed in his youth.


Randy Tucker has fished and hunted the mountains and prairies of Wyoming since 1971. He owns a small farm/ranch operation near Riverton, Wyoming in the Wind River Valley an area abounding in deer, pronghorn, pheasants, waterfowl with streams lakes and rivers teeming with trout, walleye, crappie and bass.

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