6 Best Mineral Blocks For Deer-Licks Explained

Just like humans, deer, amongst other animals, need salt and a certain amount of minerals in their diets. They must consume the right amount of nutrients with their food to develop properly and maintain good health. Deer would travel great distances for a taste of sodium.

There are times that minerals are scarce in the surrounding environment. As hunters, we feel responsible for keeping herds of game animals healthy and growing. When it’s necessary, we try to provide them with a bit of help.

That’s where mineral or salt blocks come in handy. They aid deer nutrition, herd growth and help with scouting and keeping tabs on the overall population in the area. 

We’ve discovered a few that work particularly well, and we’ve included some pointers to help you get the most out of your mineral blocks.

TOP 6 best mineral Blocks for deer

1. Whitetail Institute 30-06 Mineral Block

For buck antler development and doe pregnancy, and lactation, this supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals in the proper forms and ratios. 

30-06 Mineral Block includes not only salt but also vitamins A, D, and E, as well as important macro and trace minerals. It’s full of attractants and enhancers for fragrance and taste that make deer linger around for extended periods.

What’s really likable about this block is that even though it may dissolve a little with heavy rain or snowfall, it’s still impressive how long it lasts and how well it resists elements. It doesn’t seem to attract ants or other insects either.  

This block is specially designed for the needs of deer in the spring and summer.

30-06 Mineral Block may be a little bit more expensive than other blocks, but it’s worth the price because deer seems to love it.

2. RIDLEY Monster Deer Block 

Monster Deer Block from RIDLEY is very good at attracting a deer’s attention. It’s high in vitamins and minerals, which can help keep deer healthy and active. This mineral block’s nutritional content is designed to provide just enough doses of supplements to bucks and does.

The Monster Deer Block is made up of minerals, proteins, and vitamins, all of which are very nutritious for deer. 

Unfortunately, the addition of grain to this block will make it more attractive to other animals like squirrels, birds, and raccoons. 

While animal enthusiasts wouldn’t necessarily call it a bad thing, if you buy it just for the deer, there is more competition for deer, and the block doesn’t seem to last as long. 

The good thing going for this block is that it’s very inexpensive in comparison to many other items on the market.

3. Evolved Buck Licker Apple Mineral

One of the top mineral blocks from Evolved is the Buck Licker Apple Mineral. 

This block seems to be very effective on whitetails, so much so that they will wear a hole around it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have the same effect on blacktails.

The mineral block has added calcium and phosphorus that the deer will crave during the spring when they are growing new antlers.

The added scent of apples is a huge attractant drawing them in from a wide range, but be careful if you are placing it close to your house as it may also draw in some creatures and critters that you don’t want, like bears and coons.

While the Evolved claim that it won’t wash away when it rains, we found that it does erode a lot quicker when it’s wet. 

Although they do claim it saturates the soil, this may be true. However, again this is not recommended for manicured gardens as the deer will dig for the minerals and quickly ruin a nice garden.

4. Antler King Apple Burst Mineral Block 

Antler King’s Apple Burst Mineral Block is the product of 30 years of science and research into rising trophy bucks. 

They are scientifically engineered to give deer what they want when they require it. Between February and September, when antler growth is occurring, and fawns are nursing on does, there will be a lot of consumption. 

Deer would be attracted to the strong apple taste and fragrance. SPECIAL antler and body-strengthening trace minerals. Vitamins A, E, and D are included.

Apple Burst Mineral Block is an apple-flavored deer mineral that contains all of the main minerals and is fortified with various trace minerals for antler growth and overall health.

5. Ani Logics Outdoors Deer Mineral Block

Like most mineral blocks for deer, this block by Ani Logic provides multiple minerals and vitimans.

However, what we found with this one is that it holds up extremely well to the rain.  

Where other blocks tend to break down in the rain (some are designed to), this one mineral block stays quite solid in all weather conditions, be it rain or snow.

The downside of this block is that it doesn’t seem to be as attractive to deer as some of the other blocks on the list.

For whatever reason, deer just don’t seem to like this block as much—no issue for squirrels or rabbits who seem to be enjoying it, but not so many deer.

6. Wildgame Innovations Sugar Beet Crush

We love these mineral blocks for deer. It comes in a small size making it easy to move around to any of your favorite spots.

But what I love most about this mineral block is the unique flavoring. Whatever it is about this beet flavor, the deer seem to love it.

We find that this lick tends to work better later in the year when the weather starts to turn.

One thing we would like to see is some way of making the block more durable. It tends to break and crumble quite easily. 

Do Deer Prefer Salt Licks or Mineral Blocks?

Mineral requirements vary throughout the year, much like nutritional/calorie requirements. The most important times of year for deer to get enough minerals in their system are spring and summer, while fall and winter don’t provide much value. 

Deer prefer to consume lush green vegetation with high water content in the spring and summer.

When deer drink too much water, they need to keep their minerals and salt levels in check. As a result, many hunters recognize the connection between deer and salt and begin purchasing cattle salt blocks for deer. 

That will definitely attract them, but it won’t provide them with the other minerals they need.

The majority of mineral blocks contain a significant amount of salt. It’s because deer craves it, and it is a vital mineral for their health. Unlike pure salt licks, mineral blocks also contain other vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy herd.

Another advantage of mineral blocks for deer over pure salt licks is the length of time they can be used. When water and other minerals are abundant, deer crave salt the most in the spring and summer, but they don’t need it much in the fall. Mineral blocks, unlike pure salt licks, can be flavored to attract deer all year.

How to Choose Mineral Blocks for Deer?

Deer should be able to find anything they need in their natural habitat. However, due to soil quality, weather conditions, or other factors, deer can not receive an adequate mineral balance. It can cause immune system issues as well as poor reproductive results.

Good mineral blocks for deer can provide the nutrients and minerals that deer and other animals need. It must also be capable of successfully attracting them for you to have a good hunting trip or a great shot on your cam track.

There are a few things to look for when buying a mineral/salt lick.


Deer need the right amount of minerals and nutritional components to stay healthy and develop to their full potential. If it’s combined with protein, it can also help it develop physically. It would be a bonus if you can add another spice to keep them coming back for more.


Some mineral licks for deer are made with scents that are particularly appealing to deer. It would be easier and quicker to entice them this way. The fragrance should also be good enough to last and preserve its aroma even though it is exposed to the elements for an extended period.


You’ll have to wait a considerable amount of time before your mineral block attracts a deer successfully. As a result, the product you use should be able to withstand the test of time while also enticing in the deer. 


Choose a product with a reasonable price range. You don’t need to spend a lot of money because many blocks on the market are quite effective despite their low cost.

Where do You Put Mineral Blocks for Deer?

Mineral Licks For Deer

When it comes to deer mineral supplements, where do you put them?

Food plots, bedding fields, and areas near water holes are the most visible and useful sites.

Deer will generally seek salt and minerals as they reach food plots to feed, so putting a mineral site just off a path leading into the food plot will provide a natural stopping point for them. 

Similarly, placing a slow-releasing mineral block near or inside a summer bedding area will enable deer to get enough minerals throughout the day without refilling it frequently in the summer. 

Finally, mixing water holes with mineral sites can be a game-changer. Deer can crave water after consuming salt and minerals, and vice versa.

DIY Homemade Mineral Blocks for Deer

For the DIY fanatics, there are a couple of options of how to make your own mineral blocks for deer.

After scouring around for the best recipe for mineral blocks for deer, we decided to present you with something simple that won’t cause problems looking for ingredients. All of them you can pick up at your local feed supplier.

  • 10 kg (22lbs) of dicalcium Phosphate. Farmers use it as an additive for farm animals’ feed.
  • 20 kg (44lbs) of trace mineral salt. You want to use it to help with growth and digestion.
  • 10 kg (22lbs) of salt. Best used for it could be kosher salt because it has the purest taste.

If you have all ingredients, the next task is simple: just mix everything together in a trough.

In your chosen mineral sight, dig a hole about 20 cm (8 inches) deep and pour part of the mixture in. You can also pour it in and around an old tree stump.

While it won’t have the consistency of a block since it’s all powders, this lick will still provide enough minerals for deer. It also won’t have the same level of attractiveness as mineral blocks bought from a store, but if you place your DIY product in proper places, you have a big chance of success.

Is it Illegal to Put Out Mineral Blocks for Deer?

Before you begin putting out supplements to boost herd nutrition, make sure you are legally permitted to do so in your state.

In certain states, providing minerals to deer at any time during the year is illegal. In some states, providing deer with a mineral lick is legal, but you can’t hunt there until the attractant is gone and a certain amount of time has passed. 

These regulations are in effect in most states because the government is worried about the spread of deadly diseases like CWD.

Because of the nuances, please double-check your state’s hunting rules or speak with a conservation officer to be sure. You don’t want a simple misunderstanding to jeopardize your future hunting potential.


There is a considerable amount of mineral blocks and salt licks on the market to choose from. You have to make sure to choose sensibly.

We hope that our study will help you decide which mineral block best fills your expectation and aid you with finding a good place to lay it out for the animals.

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