A Complete Guide to Ladyfish- How to Find and Catch

A Complete Guide to Ladyfish

The Ladyfish is a ray-finned fish and are members of the Elopidae family. They are also popularly known as Jack-Rashes, Ten-Pounders, or Skipjacks.  Ladyfish occasionally venture into temperate waters, but are usually coastal-dwelling and found throughout subtropical and tropical regions. While they spawn out at sea, the fish larvae migrate inland and inhabit brackish waters. … Read more

Ladyfish Recipe

Ladyfish Recipe

When it comes to seafood I am reluctant to listen to other peoples’ opinions and like to try things for myself. I suggest you do the same. Now you know where and how to target Ladyfish, what they eat, and what bait and artificial lures to use. Head out and catch a few, try this … Read more

4 Best Fish Finders For Kayaks and Advice for Installing

Fish Finder For Kayak-4 Reviews and Buyers Guide

Kayak Fishing is a great way to target a large variety of fresh and saltwater fish. They are extremely versatile and can be used to fish in many different bodies of water.  The sport is rapidly growing in popularity, with Kayakers now fishing on rivers, lakes, dams, estuaries, and offshore. Fortunately for us, the guys … Read more

5 Best Base Layers For Hunting – From Hot to Cold

Best Base Layers For Hunting

Layering is the key to keeping your body temperature regulated in any environment. It allows the body to maintain temperature, rather than fluctuate rapidly based on external conditions. This helps you to stay comfortable and focus on the task at hand, like pursuing that trophy whitetail.  This is why you need the best base layers … Read more

How To Convert A Kayak To Motor Or Pedal Drive

How To Convert A Kayak To Motor Or Pedal Power

So you’ve got a kayak and a set of paddles. But you’d like to free up your hands by using pedal power.  Or getting a motor on your kayak and zooming across the water.  Do you have to purchase a whole new kayak entirely? Do you take an old bike apart? Do you whip out … Read more

What Can You Hunt With a .22?

What Can You Hunt With a .22?

Is a .22 Considered a Rifle? Hunting with rifles has been a favorite American pastime since its inception. The term rifle has different meanings for different people, but the premise remains the same. Firing a projectile through a threaded barrel for accuracy is the general definition. There are large caliber rifles, which tend to steal … Read more

Best Night Vision Scope For Coyote Hunting

Best Night Vision Scope For Coyote Hunting

Predators move in the secrecy of darkness. For coyote hunters, the most difficult aspect of the hunt has historically been the challenge darkness presents when spotting, or shooting. Advancements in technology have allowed hunters to purchase night vision scopes to combat this challenge, but how do you decide which scope is the right choice for … Read more

Best Fish Finder Under $500

Fish finder

A Fish Finder is a device that features a highly intelligent Sonar Device. This technology continuously sends out pulses of sound waves, and these sound waves are directed towards the bottom of the lake, river, or ocean that you may be fishing.  When these sound waves or pulses strike objects like fish, structure, vegetation, or … Read more

How To Catch Snapper From Shore

How to catch red snapper from shore

Red Snapper is an amazing species of saltwater fish that can be located in oceans, bays, and natural water systems (estuaries) around the world. Snappers can survive and inhabit brackish water, which is a combination of both salt and freshwater.  They prefer environments with reefs, ledges, ridges, and rocky outcrops, where there is an abundance … Read more

Best Powerbait For Trout

Best Powerbait For Trout

Powerbait is the number one bait when it comes to catching stocked trout. One of the reasons for this is because it closely resembles the food pellets they’ve been living off in the hatchery. The problem is there are a lot of Powerbait options out there, and it can be confusing to know which works … Read more