Muck Boot vs LaCrosse – Which is Better?

Muck Boot vs LaCrosse

Let’s face it; if you’re a hunter, it’s likely your going to end up with one of these brands. Heck, I’m a hunter, and I have both brands. Which boot you should get depends on what you primarily intend on doing. As you will see in this article, each lends itself more to specific tasks. … Read more

Palomino Trout – Hybrid Species Explained

Palomino trout

Anglers of all levels can appreciate a good day on the water fishing for trout. There are around 50 trout species currently recognized, with these freshwater fish found in cool lakes and clear streams across North America, Europe, and northern Asia. One unique trout variety you may enjoy fishing for is Palomino trout, but you … Read more

A Complete Guide to Cane Pole Fishing

Cane Pole Fishing

Cane pole fishing is a traditional way to fish in still waters. Generally, the targets are small Bluegill and Panfish. Cane pole fishing differs from other forms of rod fishing in several ways.  The setup for the cane pole is primitive but effective. There is not a lot of accessories involved. The complete setup includes … Read more

Hunting Camo vs Military Camo-Which is Better?

Hunting Camo vs Military Camo

You see it everywhere, making it a paradox to its original intent. Camouflage clothing is all the rage. Swimwear, casual wear, and designs for women, children, and of course men are filled with camo or semi-camo patterns. History of Camouflage The original use for camouflage clothing was in the title itself, camouflage. It was first … Read more

Male vs Female Dogs For Hunting – Which to Choose?

Male vs Female Dog For Hunting

You’ve decided to go for it; you’re going to do it; you’re going to get a new hunting dog. The excitement is growing, but at the back of your mind, questions start to develop. What breed should you get? What about bloodlines? Male vs Female-which is better for hunting? We know how you feel; we’ve … Read more

Pump Action vs Semi-Auto Shotgun For Hunting

Pump Action vs Semi-Auto For Hunting

It’s a question of preference for upland bird and waterfowl hunters. Not exactly an “age-old” question since the pump shotgun is just 124 years old, and its rival, the semi-automatic is just seven years younger. Legendary gun designer John Browning patented the Auto 5, the world’s first semi-automatic shotgun in 1900. The prodigious Browning began … Read more

22 long rifle hollow point vs solid point for hunting

22lr hollow point vs solid for hunting

From the hill country of the Carolinas to the Ozarks, the .22 rifle has been the gun of choice since the first experiments with metal cased, rimfire cartridges in the years just before the Civil War.  Rural legends, (the country boy version of the urban legend) claim that more game has been taken with the … Read more

Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs?

Are German Shepherds Good Hunting Dogs?

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, and for a good reason. These highly intelligent dogs have served beside a man in so many areas and do so with utmost loyalty. This brave breed has served in wars, police force, security, personal assistance, guide dogs, and the list goes on. But … Read more

Fire Maple Star X2 Review – Backcountry Tested

Fire Maple Star X2 Review

Backcountry hunting or fishing is one of the most exciting adventures you can partake in, and like any remote adventure, it requires certain gear. Amongst that gear should be a solid camp or hiking stove.  I’ve recently got my hands on the Fire Maple Star X2 and decided to try it out on my mountain … Read more

Can You Hunt With a Mosin Nagant?

Can You Hunt With a Mosin Nagant?

I purchased my Mosin Nagant from a gun dealer living outside the Ghost Town of Jeffrey City, Wyoming. The gun cost just $75, came with a bayonet and 50 rounds of full metal jacket ammunition. Most Mosin Nagant purchases include that same full metal jacket ammunition. It’s ok for target practice, but not legal or … Read more